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ATC - When I grow up, I want to be like...

Guest Demandred


Dear Demandred,


Is there a particular historical figure that you consider yourself akin to? or perhaps aspire to be like? As one of the more elusive and lesser spoken about, It would be helpful to have someone to compare you to.


From Mesaana-Devotee (A.k.a. Curious Child *smile*)




First of all you need to get your prioroties sorted out. Unless your dream is to become a teacher, Mesaana is not exactly the most inspiring Chosen to throw your devotion at.


Now, to your question. I can not say that there is any historical figures I would consider myself akin to, and certainly not anyone I would aspire to be like. I am clearly superior to anyone you could think of.

If there were a historical figure I would consider being somewhat akin to, it would have to be a combination of several. Say, a combination of Julius Caesar, Leonardo Da vinci, Plato, Shakespeare and Mohammed Ali. That is how my brilliance works, I master any field I am interested in.

Thinking about it, there is one person currently alive that comes close to meeting these criterias, a man known as Neil Patrick Harris. I might have to track him down and kill him.




Mesaana: Well, at least this one has chosen the right Chosen to devote her existance to. It's a shame she wants to know more about Demandred. Perhaps that will be our next lesson...


Graendal: An historical figure? *ponders* I guess it'll be a toss up between Britney Spears and Xena. Definitely. And maybe Oprah. Possibly Harrison Ford. For the fun!


Sammael: I really do not think it would be fair to compare some of your puny generals to Tel Janin.  Tel Janin thinks you meant to ask which of your historical figures aspired to be like Tel Janin.  I know, your first thought floats to Napoleon.  I get that all the time.  I met him at a party once and he kept following me around.  You should have seen his face when I told him to buzz off.  Tel Janin doesn't like to toot his own horn... much.. but after that party he was defeated at Waterloo.   


Moghedien: And in case someone was unable to tell, it's obvious that Tel Janin is a huge fan of Bob Dole.  He has to be, for that third-personal referral business to rub off on him.


I had some respect for those Enron guys, until they got caught.  Obviously, they're just not worthy of admiration of they get caught.




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