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ATC - What? The Chosen Have Spare Time?

Guest Ishamael


Dear Ishamael:


What do you and the fellow Chosen do of an evening when you're not plotting another dastardly scheme that would put Machiavelli to shame? Ever watch The Lord Of The Rings and think "We could do better"? The Ringwraiths sure are useless.







I read books, amuse myself with philosophical conversations with myself, talking of such topics as 'What if the light stood a chance of winning this war?' I also take various women who can't resist my charms to my bed, and answer exceedingly dull questions like this. I know nothing of what the other lesser chosen do, as I've no interest in their nights.


I've read the Lord of the Rings as well as watched the movies, and do I think to myself 'I could do better?'. Great Lord no! I think to myself 'I've done better, this Sauron has a lot to learn, and Sauramon, he'd barely make the rank of private in my army'. The Ringwraiths are nothing to me. They serve as good scare tactics and assassins, and thats about it. And I'm sketchy on the assassin part.



Smarter than you'll ever be for 3000 years and counting


Moghedien: Ringwraiths? Child's play, surely, and not nearly as sneaky as I am.


As to what I do in my free time... none of your business; I don't need people knowing my habits and patterns!


Mesaana: Moggy's just afraid you'll figure out which window she's climbing out of and she'll be on the front of the Enquirer tomorrow. And don't get me started on Ishy. He has plenty of free time since the boy snuffed the flames from his eyes.


As for my free time, I find it amusing to watch the twits with Shawls flitting around the big white building. If they're not chasing the men waving swords around in the practice field, they're chasing their own tails! It's quite humorous. You should try it sometime.


Semirhage: This new Age has made some interesting advances in the field of medicine, and much has been discovered about the human body. I usually read medical books or anatomy books when I have free time. It helps me discover new and improved ways of causing pain.


Asmodean: If I really need to tell you what I do for fun, then you need far more help than we can give you. Unless, of course, you're interested in a permanent solution to all your ills?


Anyhow, the only thing I can ever pay attention to while watching those Lord of the Rings movies is how lovely the music is, then analyzing the music and deciding how I would have done it better.


Sammael: I think it is obvious that Ishy is a fan of Justen Diablos from his sign off.


As to the question at hand... I am awesome in my free time. For example I just won 8 Gold Medals for swimming in your Olympics. Michael Phelps is just one of my many new identities in this new world.


Asmodean: I should have known that, Sammy; you're both pretty funny-looking.


Rahvin: He always has enjoyed the speedo. As to what I do in my free time let's just say it doesn't involve watching 'Lord of the Rings' or playing 'World of Warcraft', nor does it include any other activity normally reserved for one's mother's basement.


I would elaborate but you don't even know what you'd do with a woman yet, so you're certainly not prepared to learn what I do with them. It would destroy your puny mind, and I save that honour for the lovely Greandal. It keeps her happy when I'm too busy (keeping other women happy) to do it myself.


Lanfear: The things I do in my free time are mine to know. They usually involve keeping my eye on that young Al'Thor boy so I can be sure that he remains faithful to me and doesn't put his eye on any blonde haired wretches. If I saw that, I'm not sure even he would be safe from my wrath...


Oh, and I like to deep condition my hair on Sundays. You don't get this sort of gloss without a bit of work.


Demandred: I do not have much of a free time to talk about, since I am quite busy planning the battle that is coming. Obviously, none of these clowns are anywhere near as qualified for the task as I am.


When I actually do get some free time, I have recently discovered the activity known as bowling. As it requires a sharp mind and a fit body, I think this is an excellent way to spend a couple of hours. And needless to say, I am already an outstanding player.


Asmodean: By 'deep condition', Lanfear means 'spend hours on end redyeing my hair to hide the gray hairs'. This, of course, eats into her many more hours of meticulous makeup-ing. It's enough to drive a man insane. Ask Lews Therin if you need proof.


Graendal: In my free time I have kept myself busy with yoga and all manners of crafts. I have discovered the glue gun which is both an amazing craft appliance and a wonderful torture instrument. Seriously, try it!


*puts on commercial smile* Do you have that annoying kid brother or sister that seem impossible to silence? Ever wished you could? Well, it is impossible no more! With the new and improved Acme glue gun. In breathtaking handcrafted designs, you can pick between a variety of colors in the rainbow range! (and beyond). And yeah... you can also use it to glue things together >.> But honestly, whats the fun in that? Buy Acme! You know you'll end up regretting it! *winks*


Notice: The Acme enterprise takes no responsibility for any injuries caused or related to the product. We take the 'you buy, we never heard of you' policy. So get lost.


As for LotR... Never watched it. I feel threatened by elves. But, Still the PRETTIEST!


Lanfear: *smirks*


Keep telling yourself that, dearie.


Graendal: Don't you have hair to perm? Some foundation to spread? Cause between you and me, honey, you look a little worn around the eyes.


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