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ATC - What did I used to do?

Guest Ishamael


Dear Chosen,


Before you "Chosen" volunteered to serve the Dark One, what was it like before you submitted yourself.

For example, Lanfear, what was it like for you to work at Collam Daan with the name Mierin Eronaile?

Or Sammael, what was it like for yourself as a professional sportsman?

Or even Asmodean, what was it like to write all those musical symphonies?







Life was incredibly dull, as there was not two sides to human behavior. Either you were happy, or you were very happy. There was no evil, no crime nothing. The only philosophies I could work on were those of... what was it like in a world full of strife? And those aren't philosophies so much as historical meanderings.

But then the Great Lord came, and I was able to expand my thoughts, such great things as the wheel, and creatures bound outside of time itself! I love this world, as it shall be, remaded in the Great Lords own image.


The inferior Chosen all lead pretty pathetic lives before turning to the Great Lord too. Semirhage is something of an exception to this, and Lanfear did help unseal the Great Lords prison... not that she actually did it for any reason worth mention, she's still leading a rather pathetic life if you ask me... So are most of them actually. Whats the point in petty revenge or highschool crushes when you can be evil, and do whatever you want?


- Ishamael


Asmodean: See, the thing is that you've gotta take anything that Ishy here says with a grain of salt. Remember, he's kinda like a shattered mirror: bright with many aspects, but ultimately broken.


There is nothing to compare to creating music. Simple as that. From the conception of the idea to the full realization only found when standing on the conductor's podium following its debut, it is awe-inspiring. It takes a sheer genius to do it, and though I will say that many of my 'colleagues' amongst the Chosen are brilliant, they are not geniuses by any stretch of the imagination. Seriously, look at Lanfear, for example. Her unending crush on Lews Therin will be the death of her, mark my words.


Moghedien: Unlike the rest of my sad colleagues, I've been swindling and scheming since before the Bore was drilled open. You can say that I had a fair head start, and just went along with my natural evil flow, instead of developing some emo-teen need for revenge.


Mesaana: I never "submit" to anyone. I have people submit to me, but that's just good sense on their part. I merely took the Dark Lord up on a generous offer. Before then, I was much like most any teacher in the public education system these days; underappreciated, underpaid and not given a true chance to prove what I'm capable of. Let's just say that the Dark Lord helped me open a few doors that had previously been closed and leave it there, shall we?


Ishamael: Translation, all the other teachers were getting third names, and you weren't because you weren't good enough, so you went to an employer who didn't care enough about you to say no.


Rahvin: It's not how long your name is but how you use it. 'Put you to bed' Ared has known that since before 'kiss and tell' Mosinel became a household (read other men's wives) name.


Demandred: And is it not just typical for Rahvin to step up in some misguided kind of defense for any lady he believes are in need of defending, as long as it opens the door to said ladys bedroom afterwards. Seems like our little casanova has completely forgotten what happened last time he tried his little game with one of the other Chosen.


As for me, before I became The Great Lords willing and most brilliant servant, I should have been the shining beacon of a society beyond your wildest imagination. Whatever field I took an interest in, I soon became the best there is at. Imagine the pain I felt every single moment because that mediocre brat Lews Therin somehow managed to steal all my thunder, despite not having nearly the skills I possess. Lews Therin, Ha! Even back in school, I always had to help him do his homework, because he could not keep up with me. But the fools could not recognize true brilliance, no matter how many times I told them. But I did at least get the one recognition that really matters, had that pinball machine still existed, my name would still stand proud with the high score. Who is laughing now, Lews Therin?


Mesaana: Have you ever noticed that it's the people with three names that get in the most media time? John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald... At least I didn't have to light myself on fire to get my point across, Ishy, babe.


And Rahvin, come see me and we'll talk about how to use my name more thoroughly.


Lanfear: Demandred, you know that none of that is true about Lews. Your envy of him and his skills is sort of pathetic. Much like yourself.


I enjoyed my time at Collam Daan - at least until those fools refused to recognize genius when I found it. Mierin no longer exists. I alone Chose my own name among the Chosen so that mere mortals might hear it and quake with fear. When Lews is again by my side, none will stand before us! But until that time, I like to keep myself busy with Pilates and a good book.


Demandred: Ah, Lanfear, that fangirl thingy might be adorable in a teenager, though most of the time it is just bloody annoying. But at your age, it is really just sad.

Grow up, will you, I have seen mountains younger than you.


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