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ATC: Color Tips!

Guest Graendal


Dear Chosen,


What’s your favorite color? You guys have to have a favorite color. It’s really interesting to watch you guys try so hard to mess up the dragon reborn and end up dead more often than not. Anyway, good luck with controlling the world and stuff.







My favorite color is DEATH!

Well, actually, no. It's actually teal. A moderate or dark bluish green to greenish blue. You know, that shade you get when you grab someone from the throat and press your thumb against their wind pipe harder and harder. I mean, aside from the drooling and other unpleasantness involved, it is really quite beautiful. Plus, it matches my shoes ^_^ I guess you gotta ask yourself, do I want to make a good impression? fashion sense is key *nods* Kill in style, so to speak.


The dragon reborn, though? Terrible at accessorizing. That will be his end, you'll see. Either that or shell fish *nods sagely*






Moghedien: I can tell you what my favorite color isn't; it's not this awful bright red that someone insists on dressing me in when he finds me. Though a dark blood-red is always pleasant to see on someone else...


And I'm terribly sorry for you and yours that you're too simple-minded to understand the work of brilliant geniuses like us myself; some day you might be blessed with a mean enough intellect to puzzle it out.


Semirhage: I like to wear my favorite color, black. Black is not only associated with evil and death, but it is universally flattering. I don't have the time or interest to worry about silly fashion like Graendal does, so I know I can look good with minimal effort in black. I also wear it because Lanfear wears white, and I want to look as different from that whiny, Therin-obsessed woman as possible.


Ishamael: My favourite colour is fear, that and fire, because fire comes from big booms. I like big booms.


Semirhage: You'd think that being a philosopher for so long would have helped Ishy say something more eloquent than "I like big booms."


Ishamael: It doesn't take much philosophy to figure out that big explosions amount to lots of death, and people fear death, therefore, big booms result in fear. Such a blank stare you're giving me there Semirhage, and to think that I wasn't even breaking into philosophy for that, and if you're that pitiful, how sad must the mortals of this age be?


Asmodean: Black. What can I say? Sometimes, I just see lines of these things you call cars, and I want to go over there and paint them black.


Moghedien: What about red doors? You couldn't possibly want to paint those black too, or do you?




What did I tell you about playing all your silly little druggie 'modern' music at our meetings? I told you not to, didn't I, and now it's stuck in my head. Ass.


Mesaana: My favorite color? You get the greatest minds in the history of the world together to ask a question and you ask that? You could have asked if we think in colors or images. You could've asked what amount of our day we spend contemplating how best to find out whether blood is truly blue before it meets the air as your modern science believes is true. You could've asked about the scientific advances we'd made before the Breaking in the use and understanding of color in regulating mind control and emotional dexterity. Instead, you chose to ask what our favorite color is.


Why am I the only one wrinkling my brow in consternation?


(That means blue, by the way. I like blue.)


Sammael: Pink. I know you were expecting the stereotypical response my fellow brethren gave you like fire or black. A real man can easily pull off wearing pink and I have news for you... Tel Janin Aellinsar can pull of pink.


Moghedien: Graendal, have you been leaving your Victoria's Secret catalogs laying around again? I'm still disturbed from the time he thought it would be great to come to our fancy dress ball as the Playboy bunny...


Graendal: Nah, I loaned them to Ishy. He wanted to replenish his autumn look. Besides, I thought the playboy bunny was cute, if not very stylish. I told him not to use that peach lip gloss, but does anyone EVER listen to me? Niet. And then there's the crying and the poor fashion sense... *sighs* And you know, there's SO MUCH I can do to salvage the little dignity we have left. Remember people, just because we're called Forsaken, doesn't mean we have to forsake our natural good looks and WAY overpriced ensembles. Remember! A fashion victim is a pouty bad fellow!!!






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