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ATC - Knock, Knock, who's there? Me, and I'm better than you.

Guest Ishamael



after three thousand years of knock-knock jokes, what's the best one you've heard?

Also Since you're obviously a good author, I wanted to know how does a author write a good book?

an admiring fan of Narg:the little Trolloc That could


Dear admiring fan,


Narg was a failure, within minutes of that book being published, he was put in a cook pot because he couldn't hold his own against several thousand Trollocs and 6 Mydraal. That said, there was only 1000 copies of that book ever made, and exactly 3 of those copies sold. I burned the rest. With my mouth. You think I don't have a good use for these flames hidden away behind my face?


There are no good knock knock jokes. Well, there is one, but as you are unworthy of hearing my utter such a joke, you shall have to live without. Or die without, I don't care either way, but if your going to die, make it creative without being annoying. If your going to live, well, start groveling.


Now, you claim that I am a good author, but you seem to think I have written something other than fake prophecies to seal two dooms with. However, since you seem to think that I am a good writer, I shall bestow my extensive wisdom of "writing" upon you.


First, don't stop because you've run out of words, else you might never come back to it. And thats not good. Finish what you are doing, but do it well. There is nothing worse than a person who has cut their ending short and made it bad as a result. I kill kittens when I read such horrible endings. Mind you, I kill kittens anyways, just more than usual then.


Also, never write using short forms, such as i c u and whatnot. First, this is a surefire way of making sure your story makes it nowhere, and second, it makes me want to punch a puppy. Of course, I punch puppies anyways... oh wait, I already went along that train of thought. Oh well, I will continue it and you will laugh, for you are puny mortal and I am Ishamael, Nae'Blis of the Great Lord of the Dark.


...but I punch them more often when I read short form. And I know you weak hearted fools can't stand to see a puppy punched.



Did not write that Narg book. Had Narg killed for writing such a terrible book, although suspects that Asmodean wrote it. Know's Asmodean to be a fool that can't write.


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