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Which Ajah Would Messana Choose?

Guest Mesaana


Female Chosen,


Obviously you are keen supporters of the Dark One (who in their right mind would not be?!) but if you were forced to serve the light and join the White Tower, which Ajah would you chose and why? (not including the black ajah)


Dear person who believes that no one knowing your name will help you remain anonymous,

Forced is the right word. Walk in the Light, indeed. I was older than those brats when they sealed me into the Bore and they are all weaker than I am, to boot!


I have toyed with this idea, as that is where I am, currently. Since I am “hiding†in the White Tower with these Light blind fools, I cannot tell you which Ajah I actually did choose. I can tell you that I could not go with my original choice in Ajahs. As a teacher, I would have personally chosen the Brown Ajah, I believe. I might have even been able to hide there, as long as no one found anything from before the Sealing of that big hole I was sealed in for so long. I did not think that was a chance I could afford, so you can bet I am not hiding there. I thought of being Red Ajah, just for the fun of hunting male Aes Sedai and feeding them their own idiocy. “Gentling†them the way those women do is just boring, however. I considered the Gray Ajah, for I could easily hide there. I just couldn’t stand to wear gray all day. Have you seen the drab potato sacks those women wear? Then I thought of the Yellow Ajah, at the opportunity to pass a little pain along in my “Healing†weaves and punish those who dared enter my care. I hate the smell of sick people, though. Then, there was the White Ajah where I could easily pass some time by not bothering to be cheerful or happy to be there. Then I saw the wrinkles in the faces of the women there. I am not ready to look that old, just yet. So I looked at the Green Ajah. It did not take but a moment to see that they have no time for research with all of their practice and working out. While the things they weave together were interesting, there was not much room for experimenting. How else do you learn anything but to experiment? Which left only the Blue Ajah. Just watching the Blue Ajah made me tired. They are always flitting from one place to another. They hunt for the slightest little nuance and some of them keep better records than researchers I used to study with! If anyone would figure me out, it would be the Blues. So, that nixed that idea.

I was left with a problem, since I seemed to have found a reason not to be in any of these Ajahs. You ask which one I would have chosen were I one of these witless idiots and I would have to say Brown, if any of them. My next choice would probably be Blue, but only if the question of being found were not an issue.


I could always be the Amrylin, of course. Then the question of which Ajah I would prefer would not be an issue. Then the whole White Tower would be properly educated in the ways of the Dark Lord’s power. I believe the rings would appropriately signify another generation of My Children, do you not agree?


Significantly Yours,



P.S. While others may not know your name, I do. If you read much in the way of Fantasy these days, you will know this gives me a certain amount of power over you. Do not think I will not use it when it suits me. We will meet again, curious child.




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