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ATC - Know no Fear!

Guest Moghedien


Dear Evil Forsaken *grins*




Alot of people have some sort of irrational fear imbedded in them - dosn't have to be downright phobias, but something that makes them ill at ease and which they would go to lengths to avoid ... some can be afraid of heights, spiders, gaining weight, some types of dogs (that's me), darkness, confinement, social situations ... my question is, do -you- have anything you are downright afraid of (other than the Dark One)? 










'Dear' Suzy,


I am unsure as to why you would think I ever fear my master.  Just because he gave me to that pig-dog as a pet...  I'll break free of it, I swear it!


Anyways, that wasn't the nature of your query.  You wish to ask about forces darker than a feeble mind like yours can handle.   But if your terrible curiosity demands to be satisfied, be prepared to be scared out of your mind!




Boy bands.  Yes, I fear those pre-fabbed 'supposed-to-be-attractive' piffle you morons in this age try to pass off as entertainment.  I don't know if all of you are really just that moronic to think that they ACTUALLY can sing or something, but we it's obvious that they have very good editing teams.


And speaking of that - did you know that Asmodean tried to get into one?  But they didn't even know what to do with his over-drugged self, and picked some boy.. Justin Wood-something over him.  HA!




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