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Battle of the Bands continues...

Guest BandOrg


The Battle of the Bands tournament being held at the Band of the Red Hand ORG is now into its fourth week. The current genres being looked at are Metal and Jazz, with the winners going through to the Grand Final, which will be a knockout until we have an overall winner. Below are the links to the threads to get involved.



Information Thread


The winners from Week 3 were B.B. King for Blues, and The Beatles for Pop. They join Bob Marley (Reggae), Johnny Cash (Country), Aretha Franklin (Soul) and Bob Dylan (Folk) in the Grand Final.


"Tune or No Tune" continues. This week's song is the winning song from the Eurovision Song Contest. And that is Believe by Dima Bilan of Russia. To cast your vote and post your views, follow the link below.

by Dima Bilan on "Tune or No Tune"


The final act of the Band of the Red Hand's Eurovision Song Contest Week is a thread for everyone at DM to pick their favourite songs from the Final on Saturday 24th May 2008 in traditional Eurovision format. And that means you can say those famous words "douze points pour [insert your country]". Voting ends this week, so get your vote in now! The thread can be found at the link below.

Eurovision Song Contest - BotRH and DM vote


Yet again, lots going on at the Band of the Red Hand ORG this week. So don't be a stranger - come and join the fun at the best ORG at DM!




BotRH ORG Leader


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