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Eurovision Week hosted by the BotRH ORG

Guest BandOrg


Throughout this week (Monday 19th May to Sunday 26th May), the Band of the Red Hand ORG will be hosting a week dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest for everyone at DM to take part in. During the week, participants from all over Europe will be descending on Belgrade, Serbia, as the 54th annual contest takes place, aiming to gain glory.


The Band of the Red Hand ORG will be holding a series of discussion threads over the week, ranging from the best of the past winners, the Top of the Flops, as well as the most contraversal songs in Eurovision history, that you are more than welcome to join in. And to top it all, Corki, the Marshal-General will be giving a commentary on the two semi-finals (20th May and 22nd May) as well as the Grand Final on Saturday 24th May.


Click here to see the general information thread, which provides links to the discussion threads as well as further information on Eurovision.


While you are at the Band's boards, why not take part in the Battle of the Bands competition, which is now in the 3rd week. Blues and Pop are the genres being looked at as an overall winner for each category is sought for the Grand Final. Below are the two links you need:




Also, don't forget to look at the latest "Tune or No Tune", which will go up on the evening of Monday 19th May 2008. A link will be added in shortly.


As you can see, a lot of activities to get involved with at the Band of the Red Hand ORG. You don't need to be a Bander to participate, and we always welcome outside activity. So feel free to come by and join in the fun.




BotRH ORG Leader


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