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Ask the Chosen - Rumour Monger

Guest Rahvin


Dear Chosen,


What would be the best way to stop rumours? To ignore them, or to try and convince people they’re not true?




A dedicated fan,




Dear Jelly,


You should eat jam. Jelly does horrible things to your complexion, and makes you less appealing me.


Rumours are nasty little things that come from weak little people who have no concept of how to truly be powerful. The easiest way to deal with a rumour is to track down those who started it, and make an example of them. I personally like to make them slaves to my will, but some prefer to make such people disappear or show up dead. Do not bore me with the details of what you chose to do however, as I already have to put up with Semirhage's ramblings about torture.


However, people in this age tend to be weak, and wonderfully lavish as this proclaimed "Western Society" is, there are far too many fools against slavery. In often cases it largely depends on what sort of rumours may be going around about you. My first advice would be to simply ignore it, although answering truthfully if asked. Don't spend your time trying to protest against it, the louder you yell, the more they'll ignore you. If the rumour hits particularly close to home, you might consider going to the person who started the rumour and ask them to stop promoting it.




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