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ATC - What Are These People Smoking?!

Guest Moghedien


If you were severed from the Power, and forced into slave labour, would you prefer to work in Pudding Mines or Lime Plantations?


Sincerely Yours,


The Almighty


"Dear" Almighty,


Firstly, it's quite unlikely that this event would happen, as it would require for some party to actually find, capture, and most critically? Keep hold of me. However, I'm suitably bored enough to consider your game of "what if?" and will play along for the interim.


Now, let's start with the lime plantation. I can see room to torture others there, and I generally approve - fresh citrus in open wounds is a delightfully spiteful way to add insult to injury - and prevent this scurvy thing that I've heard of... didn't anyone teach you children to take multivitamins? Eesh..


However, if I truly had to pick between one ludicrous option or another, I'd go with the pudding mines. Why? Firstly, I like pudding. It's a pleasing consistency, and is fairly tasty. In addition, I relish the idea of drowning someone in it. And as it's a mine, they'd be drowned deep underground, and it would be highly unlikely that they would be found if hid in the right sort of spot. And, I guess if I was trapped in captivity, it would be nicer to take the option that would be more filling and satisfying, food-wise. Plus, y'know... the drowning people. Yup.


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