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A.L.I.N Awards (Amazingly Lovable Immensely Nostalgic)

Guest admin


Ladies and Gentlemen,


I have the great pleasure to announce DM's very first A.L.I.N Awards. In this show the stars are not little green men from the outer space but our characters.


There are many different ways how one can shine and this year's categories are as follows.


1) Loftiest Light Lover (Character & an RP portraying how goodie two shoes they are)


2) The Darkest Deeds (Character & an RP showing their efilness)


3) Sweetest/Hottest Romance (A couple and their RP that draws spontaneous aww or mmm)


4) Dramatic Drama (nominate an RP that makes your heart go out for the characters... or kinda want to slap them all)


5) Bench-gripping Action (link to an RP where both guns blaze and no ground is given)


6) Creepy Horror (Which thread you wouldn't want to read alone in the dark?)


7) Mad Adventure (Don't try this at home. Nominate an RP)


8) Hilarious Fun (Thread that makes you laugh out loud)


9) Most Impressive Storyline (Just frigging fantastic RP)


10) Oh Woe Is Me (Character most likely to have to audience sigh in relief when they jump off the nearest bridge + link to their tormenting RP)


11) Life Is All Rainbows and Fluffy Bunnies (Character most likely to be killed just to see if they finally stop smiling + link to their happy RP)



How can I nominate?


Please send your nominations including links to the RP threads to lupaecainis [at] gmail [dot] com. Please have words 'Alin Awards' in the title of the email.


You can suggest candidates for just few categories and you can nominate more than once. You may nominate your own characters and RPs where you are involved.


You have time until 5th of January.


Voting starts in 6th of January and the Award Gala begins in 19th of January.


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