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White Tower Division ~ The December Flame

Guest WTDiv




What you will find:

  • * IC Updates

  • * Ooc Updates

  • * Policy Updates

  • *
Staff Opening & Appointing

  • * Final words


White Tower IC Updates


Current Randland Weather Situation : With the destruction of Kandor, the Forces of the Light return to Tar Valon as the World plummets into extremely unusual cold temperatures. It is now Fall/Winter weather.


This month we’ve started a new thread entitled the Bubble of Light. You know the drill, Bubble of evil, only really great things happen that day! This is just started and will be continuing through this month so if you’re in the area of Tar Valon, jump on in with the goodness!


Another great RPs we’ve got going is the aftermath of the Watchers RP. Now that the WT and the BT are negotiating, there’s not telling what could happen. The White Tower will be declaring the BT as their equals, but will this statement help bring the two Towers to a better understanding, or simply help build up more resentment?


White Tower Ooc Updates


The Bubble of Light RP(s)


The Bubble of Light Rp's have been extended from November 30th to January 30th. So, go have fun, don't be afraid to get creative! :)



Pick Your Own Requirements


With January coming around the corner, soon the Raising Requirements for gaining the Shawl will be coming back. But to give everyone a fair an equal chance in what a N&A will be required to complete, the WT Staff have agreed to allow the N&A's to choose 'what' these requirements are.


All Requirement suggestions can be sent in to DMWT.STAFF@gmail.com . On December 20th a Poll will be made available with all the Raising req's Suggested as well as the former Req's. When the Poll will be closed on Dec 31st and the New Requirements will be posted on January 1st.


The White Tower looks forward to any and all Requirement Suggestions.



Hall Negotiations


All Ajah Heads and Sitters are required to poke into the Hall board in regards to the A Poll has been posted to which all need to post to. Once 'majority' is reached than Arette can post up a Hall Summary so we can move forward. You have 5 days and polls close and Majority is assumed.



Policy Updates


White Tower Rules

With the fast turnovers of both N&A and Aes Sedai, a Sticky has been posted for ALL Members to "Read and Understand". This would be greatly appreciated!


Staff Opening & Appointing



The White Tower Staff are (tickled pink) Pleased to announce a new addition to our Staff. Mrija (Handle: Ashara) has agreed to step up as a Role Play Coordinator.

A warning to Ajah's and Heads, Mrija will have access to your Private Ajah Boards to help encourage more RolePlays and help out where she can. Please don't be afraid to use her!



All Applications can be sent to DMWT.STAFF [at] Gmail.com


Novice & Accepted Helper (N&A Assistant)

IC & Ooc Position

We are looking for an IC Novice or Accepted to assist with both IC and Ooc duties related to anything MoN. (Especially now as our Ooc MoN is Pregnant and has a more demanding RL Schedule.) This may be a current or new Novice (or Accepted ~ Please submit a small bio with the new character) that will be actively involved with orginizing N&A functions In Character as well as assisting in archiving Bios, updating mentor tables among other duties. (Full List will be give upon request.)

*Wordpress knowledge an asset.




Final Words


Cookies make great bribes. :)






Aka : Arie Tarou

The White Tower Division Leader

Assistant Group Leader of the Light & Unaligned Races


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