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Warder Division Updates

Guest Matalina


Staff Needed


The Warder division is currently looking for two staff members.


1. RP Coordinator - basic job description is to work out plans for large scale interdiv plot lines with the other divisions as well as smaller division only rp plans.


2. Warder Structure Advisor - basic job description is to help maintain the warder ic structure by providing input and suggestions for the improvement of the Warder Division as a whole. You must be able to think on a larger scale rather than on your characters perspective/needs.


If you are interested in either of these positions please email warders.staff@gmail.com with the answers to the following questions?


1. Why would I make a good staff member?

2a. What improvements would I make to the division if I had no limitations? - Only for the Warder Structure Advisor

2b. Provide an example plan for an inter divisional RP or a Warder division RP that you think people would participate in? - Only for the RP Coordinator


Please be sure to include your DM handle AND your Warder Character's name.


Disciple and Path Revisions


Due to the discissions started and the polls we had a few weeks ago I am making the following changes to the Warders Division.


1. Disciplines and Paths are no longer required.

1a. Selection of disciplines and paths for a Warder Trainee are no longer required for Trainee WS of 7 to 8 Essays.


2. All Disciplines (new and old) and All Path information will be removed from the Training section of the Warder's Web Page and moved to the World Lore area.

2a. Each discipline and path will have their own page in which we can make changes to as to who is where, and what is going on in the discipline whether it is currently being used by active characters, or it is under a different heading in the current incarnation.

2b. Paths may be merged with disciplines, however, a path will remain in the info listing and if someone wishes to follow the path they are NOT required to join the discipline, it will then become a separate branch!


3. The Master Level choices in the Warder/TG training that has Path and Disciple options will be removed. One optional requirement for the Philosophies will be added in place of those two to maintain enough choices for that level of training.


Note: The additional pages to the website will be added AFTER the New year. But I will move the new disciplines and the paths to the correct area and Add in a description for each of the disciplines of the old system. Each page will then be crated at a later date after the new Year.




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