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Ask the Chosen - Lanfear Takes on "Friendship"

Guest Lanfear


Dear Chosen,

I recently split up with my boyfriend (Who was overjoyed) and my friends think I should Go Out with another boy, whom has a lot of the same interests as I. Now, I like him, he’s a very good friend, but I don’t really have feelings for him yet and I don’t know if I will. We don’t really know each other very well, either.

I’m worried about what will happen if 1. He doesn’t want to Go Out with me. He might decide not to be friends anymore either. Or 2. We do Go Out, then I realise I don’t have any feelings for him and have to go about the task of splitting up with him, which could also end our friendship.

What should I do?





Well, Jelly. That's a tough one. Ultimately one I've never found MYSELF in, but still, it sounds tough for the lesser ladies out there.


They tell me that the best relationships start out with the participants being friends first, anyway, so that is one aspect in your favor. I think you have summed up the situation pretty well, though. What if he doesn't want you? And what if later on, you don't want him?


I think the best thing to do would be to make a list of pros and cons. Does he have beautiful eyes? Does he sing/write poetry/play an instrument or do something that makes your heart melt? Does he laugh stupidly? Chew with his mouth open? Remember, further exposure to him will increase your awareness of the the things you love AND the things that annoy the piss out of you. If your list of pros and cons comes up heavily on one side, then do what your list tells you.


One last question... Is he stronger in the Power than anyone else on the planet, save yourself? If so, snatch him up before some empty-headed blond comes along!!!






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