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Robert Jordan's do-rag

Guest Jason


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Hi folks,


RJ sent us a close-up photo of his dragon do-rag. It was a bit hard to see in the previous blog entries. Click the pictures below for a larger image. If you're not sure what this is all about, see his previous blog entries.




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Guest Bill


Like many others, I just wandered by to see when the next installment of WoT would be out and found out about your illness for the first time. Also like many others, of course I'll be praying for you and your family, and I'm looking forward to hearing of your continued recovery.

Reading through all the earlier postings has been very enlightening. I've been reading SF & Fantasy since I was about 8 years old, and while I have a list of authors to watch for forthcoming books (yes, you're one), I've never actually given much thought to the author as a person. I suppose that's not too surprising - you read a 300-page novel full of exhilarating worlds, dynamic characters, and suprising plot twists and then at the end is a single short paragraph About the Author: "Mr. Mumblewords was born in Cleveland, and majored in medieval history at New Jersey State Disc Jockey College. He lives in Scranton, PA with his 17 cats." It doesn't give you much to go on.

I hope you'll continue to update your blog regularly. It's given us a bit of insight into the guy behind the books, which somehow makes the whole thing more appealing. "This guy tells good stories" versus "This story is pretty good."

Oh, and here's my two cents about the photos: striped shirt or not, hair or not, doesn't matter. It's just nice to see a real person. I've wondered about the photo in the books. Walter Jon Williams' jacket photo is eerily similar. He's missing the hat and sunglasses, but it's still the same solemn frown over folded hands. Must be a Tor thing.

Get well soon.

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Guest kathleen


Dear Mr. Jordan,


My son has been a fan for years and just shared with me about your condition. There's a new paradigm in the medical field you won't learn about through conventional avenues and I just wanted to share the info. Check out Dr. F. Batmanghelidj's work about the devastating effects of chronic dehydration. His twenty years of research indicate that even conditions such as yours can be reversed with sufficient, consistent and daily hydration of the body with water. His work is compelling, scientific, backed by clinical trials and individual success stories. Google his name or "watercure" and you'll easily find his website. The critical importance of hydration hasn't been taught in Medical schools and there's no monetary benefit of the curative powers of water to our current "sick care" system which means that most doctors you speak with in conventional medicine won't be aware of physiological devastion of chronic dehydration. He talks at Medical conferences all over the world, has written scientific papers for medical journals and has published books. The one I'm currently reading is "You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty!" Stay strong, my son is looking forward to 30 more years of your writing.

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Guest Michael G.


Mr. Jordan,

I have been reading your books since I was fourteen when I found one of your books in the library. It had no bar code on it so the librarian said I could keep it. That was only the second fantasy novel I ever read ( the first being the eyes of the dragon by Stephen King). I was so impressed with your work that I decided that this was my favorite genre and proceeded to read Tolken which was boring in comparison. I have since read all of your books 2-3 times as has all my family on my recommendation.

Since I read your posting on Tor's website about 2 months ago I have been following your progress as much as I could. Up until now I have been a passive fan because of college and medical school. I really appreciate the ability to "Blog" so that I can easily cross the line and become a active fan as well as wish you well in your fight against your illness.

It may interest you to know that already you have made a difference in championing your somewhat rare disease as my friends and I (also fans and doctors/medical students) have read up on the signs and symptoms as well as current treatments for Amyloidosis due to your illness so that we may not miss it in other patients.

I am looking forward to hearing good news of your progress.


Get well soon,

Michael G.

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Guest Sharon Conner


Dear Mr. Jordan,


I've been in the process of re-reading the WoT series for the 4th time and I decided earlier tonight to check the Tor website for any current updates on the next book. I came across your announcement of your diagnosis of Amyloidosis and after wanting to find some more recent updates on your treatment, found this website. I have been quite emotional while reading all of your blogs (as well as the comments and well wishes from other fans and your family members), both saddened by your diagnosis as well as the treatment and side effects that you have had to endure, but also encouraged by your strength and courage. You are truly inspiring in your fight against this illness.


On a side note, I've actually met you very briefly on three instances t your book signings in Northern California over the years. The first time was when I was 16 years old and had to beg my parents to drive me 2 hours to a book signing in the Bay Area to meet you. There were maybe half a dozen fans in the bookstore, along with you and Harriet and the clerks who worked there. While you and Harriet signed my books, I awkwardly tried to strike up conversation and ask a few questions about the series. (I remember in great detail how you corrected me on pronunciation of "eye-eel" and "aveeeeenda". I still laugh about that memory and even poke fun at my husband when he mispronounces words from the book, telling him that you put a pronunciation guide in the glossary for a reason!) Anyway, when I left the bookstore, I kept wondering why Harriet had signed my books. I didn't really know who she was at the time--especially that she was your wife!--other than she had signed "From the editor" under her name.


I saw both of you again at the third signing I attended in Santa Clara a few years back. Harriet was there with you at the signing but she had left the table when it was my turn to have the books signed. (The disparity between the number of fans between the first and the third signing was quite great, as I happily waited over 2 hours in line.) I really wanted to have my books signed by Harriet again and found her in the cafe at the Barnes & Noble. I approached her and asked her to sign my books, and she seemed--or at least I hope she seemed--very happy to sign them for me.


To make a long story short, I think I've read a quote of you somewhere in the past 14 years stating how "behind every great man is a great woman" and how Harriet has been that woman for you. Reading all the loving comments you have made about her over the years, I've actually come to cherish her signatures in my books more than yours. No offense intended. It's one thing to meet, IMHO, the greatest writer in the fantasy genre, but quite another to meet the woman who inspires him!


If you read this, please pass on my well wishes to Harriet!


Lastly, my husbands' and my thoughts and prayers are with the both of you in your bout with Liston. I have no doubt that you will win this fight! "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!"


Sincerely and with great admiration,

-Sharon Conner

Northern California


PS - Love the bald look with the goatee! I'm a Ducati girl myself, but the Fatboy definitely has the bad boy appeal to it!

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