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More pics from RJ

Guest Jason


Hi everyone,


Robert Jordan asked me to pass along some more photos. Here they are, and here's what he had to say about them:

Here are a few more pictures for you to post. First off, my niece Ariel. She didn't have her head, obviously, but what she did was neater, really. There is a charity called Locks for Love [
] to which women can donate their hair if they have at least 10 inches that can be cut. This hair is then made into wigs for women and girls undergoing chemo. A righteous move on her part. (These are before and after, of course.)

Then there is my brother, Reynolds, who shaved as per promise, followed by one of me and my nephew Rey, a New Orleans Police Officer, who also shaved as per promise. And finally, for those who really do want to gaze at my bone structure -- there are sickos and liars all over the place -- a last pair of me sans hair.


Click each image to see a larger version.






[url="http://www.dragonmount.com/Images/rj_ariel02_lg.jpg">Robert Jordan's neice Ariel






[url="http://www.dragonmount.com/Images/rj_reynolds02_lg.jpg">Robert Jordan's brother Reynolds






[url="http://www.dragonmount.com/Images/rj_pic30_lg.jpg">Robert Jordan



[url="http://www.dragonmount.com/Images/rj_pic31_lg.jpg">Robert Jordan




Recommended Comments

Guest John Volner


Hey RJ!

I really is fantastic that you are doing so well. You are truly blessed to have such a supportive and loving family. You have my prayers and concerns as well. My (male) roomate is actually doing locks of love and he's up to 7'' so far. You look great. Stay strong and you really should come to Tennessee (when you feel up to it). We love you here!

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With that kind of support from your family, its no wonder youre looking better! (even though that support didnt start just now did it?)


With that kind of support, you well equipped for ANY battle!!!

You will be well!


Best of wishs,


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Guest James Spangler


Not too bad! Everyone looks pretty good, including yourself. I'll tell ya what, one of my teachers was really worried about you... we both enjoy the WoT books! Anyway, I'm really glad you seem to be doing so much better-you do look quite a bit healthier!

Just one thing... I pray thaat you don't take this in a bad way, but *please* grow back the beard ASAP! You looked awesome before right after you shaved your head!


Anyway, thanks for reading! Get well soon!

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Looking good,baldness suits some people better than hair!



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Guest Melanie


Oh....for anyone interested in donating to Locks for Love they can go to Great Clips and donate their hair for such a great cause. I am sure James would love to hear about it and that's where Ariel did her's. They give you a free hair cut for it too.


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Guest Sam Finnell


Mr. Jordan


When I first learned I was going blind I was raw with anger. I had a patient with eight days to live with an inspiring attitude I caught. Then I started reading your books and now listen to then on tape. I'm looking forward to your future books at least until 2036, Fight the good fight.

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Guest Shayne Dwyer


Actually it does not have to be a woman I am 12 and a boy and have given my hair to locks of love three times and am going to again next june.

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Guest Aunt Karen (CO)


Dear J and H,

I am so pleased to see the encouragement of your family. I think about you often and I keep you in my prayers.

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Guest Dawn Derstine


Just logged on to see how robert was doing i have been busy had a baby last august and i fond out that robert has died god that breaks my heart my best wishes to his family what a great loss i will pray for all of you many blessings Dawn

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Guest Hydrolyze Guy


Appreciate it! Yet an additional awesome posting, that's the reason my partner and I arrive for a blog site constantly...

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