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A message from Wilson

Guest Jason


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Hi everyone,


Jason here again. RJ asked me to post this message from his cousin Wilson. To give you some context, read over the previous few blog entries.


Enjoy. And thanks, Wilson!



To those of you that have said nice things about my small show of support for my brother-cousin, thank you. He's what this is about however. To Nynaeve, you were absolutely spot on. He would have done the same to support me were the tables reversed.


I have read all your comments and well wishings and I sense that in your own ways, you love him as much as I do. That you have included sweet Harriet in your thoughts is most wonderful. Thank you for that. RJ is doing what few get to, pursue his passion. Parrot Heads will recognize the origin; most of us live as oysters. RJ on the other hand is a Pearl. Still, imagine the courage it takes to put your work out there for the entire world to critique. That you have embraced his imaginary world and him is humbling, but gratifying validation. However, I know the man, he would be doing the same, as a starving writer to a scant few as long as the publisher allowed. True, your devoted following has made it easier for him to pursue his craft, but pursue it he would regardless. And for making his road in life a bit easier to navigate, I again thank you.


We had a really great day together this past Saturday. Our dearest Harriet insisted that the boys needed to visit the local Harley shop to procure do rags for our chrome domes. RJ entered the showroom of gleaming road-ready American icons with a thunderous, "Holy Mamma! We're in Church!" Stopped people dead where they stood he did. Janet, my love and shade of my heart, found a camouflage do rag which the Vietnam Vet thought fit him most nicely. Then she happened upon a black rag with a luminescent blue pattern on it. She showed it to me and I announced that they were dragons. RJ's head popped from around the opposite side of the display and he queried quite like we were still adolescents, "Dragons?" Two left the shop and were soon upon our heads. Oh we did kick tires and discuss at length the merits of this or that bike. I longed for the Classic mid life comfort bike, bedecked of faring, chrome, CD player, et al. RJ offered that I might as well be riding in a car. In the end I think we were both eyeing the Soft Tail. But our favorite was the Fat Boy in a very stealthy new matte paint, Black Denim.


All the rattling about the Do Rags is for a reason. You, his loyal fans and supporters, know that this world that you so love has sprung from that amazing mind of his. Rand, for all his heroics is but a figment of my dear brother's imagination. RJ on the other hand, is now and has always been the Dragon. Seeing him wearing his dragon bedecked do rag only refocused me to that fact. When he called me with the news of the disease, he announced with calm resolve that it was there and that it was fatal. He also vowed to beat it. Heroes do that you know. He has shared the amyloid ordeal most openly with you all. Read between the lines of his postings and you will see that this was no small struggle. While he is setting all manner of records for an amyloid patient, we have yet to learn if the amyloids are truly gone for good. Time will tell. Pray, as I do, that they are. Dr. Hayman is truly of the yellow ajah. But, the medical treatments required to vanquish this unseen enemy damned near kills the patient. Thusly, RJ is back from near-death and reborn to us. Fantasy is just that. Reality is much more inspiring. I am here to proclaim loudly to all of you that my brother-cousin, my confidant, my friend, is indeed the Dragon Reborn. Long live the Dragon!



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Guest Ram'i-Ro



Truely someone that cares alot about family, cousin-brothers, nice term.


Yeah, the Dragon lives, all hail The Dragon.


To RJ:

It is clear that Wilson reads the story to some extend, if not a keen follower.

Doesn't that make you feel humble or thankfull, specially with him comparing you

with your main character and all.

Is he also one of the lucky ones that get the read new manuscripts first ? :)


I am just greatfull to see that it is going well, all things concidered.

Good to have you back on the uptrack again. One vision just crossed my mind

and I am desperately trying to ban it here..... Rand on a Harley, no don't

go there.......



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Guest Lelon White


Wow and Amen! Not a novel response, but Wilson, your posting really moved me.



Long Live the Lord Dragon!

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Guest Dave


To Wilson:


"Some make the world go round

Others watch it turn"


It's people like RJ that make the world go round while most of us watch it turn.


My only question is whether you're the only parrot head in the family or is RJ with us?

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Guest Jose R. Ramila


I think in times like this words can be little help to express someone's feelings. At least, this is my case. I'm very happy for RJ and family, and I'll continue reading this blog, that has made me see that behind the books there is also a great man with an excellent family, though Harriet requires an special comment :)


I hope that the way you have to go from now on will be easier, though I don't know exactly what lies in it. I can only say that a man that has shown such an incredible resolution can only go better from now on. And with such family's support, I'm sure it will be this way.


About the Fat Boy... Well, you know better than anyone what you want, and if the time comes, just enjoy it! It's something great to feel the air on your face :D


About the Do Rag, I will say nothing but one thing:


¡¡Long live the Dragon!!


To RJ's family:


You are also great people, never doubt it. He's fortunate to have you.

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Guest Terlanis


Thank you. A thousand times over and for as long as the Wheel turns through the Ages. I know I speak for many of us when I say that RJ has helped us through some very dark times in our lives. Without him and the stories he's so kindly given us I would not be here today. Everyone needs help from time to time. No matter the form it comes in. Thank you Wilson for being there for him when those of us can only be there for him in Spirit. We are grateful for you and everything you've done. We're honored to know you in any form.

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Guest Sandra Howard


As a long time fan of Robert Jordan, I feel blessed. Once I began the journey tward Tarmon Gaidon, I knew that I wouldm't, and possibly couldn't stop until the end. My prayers are with him, his family, and all the hospital staff daily. I also send out a special prayer for Harriet. Going through this is hard work. I pray she doesn't over do it. God Bless You All Every Day.

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Guest muddassir


Asalam o Alaikm to all of you its the ritual greeting we muslims use when we meet some one

it means may God protects you cherish you and bless you i have been a long time visitor to these pages but usually i keep my own council and don't bother other people with my opinions but this letter really touched me may be where RJ originally touched me so i became a fan of Rj i don't know why i am writting this or what am i writting but i just had too If you know what i mean I had never read fantasy before i read RJ and since i have tried to read few others in genre but other than tolkiens no body really impressed me that is the only humble compliment i can offer but i don't think that man really needs my compliment or cares about them but i had to say it because i want to thank RJ and his family because he has changed me and helped me through lots of difficult times specially when my Mother passed away in 99 i was really depressed and deesolate but it was RJ's writting that helped me through that tough time even now when i am down in dumps he shines like a beacon to me incidentally i have just read 5 books in the series and if i know any thing else about this series its mainly thanks to DRAGONMOUNT & ENCYCLOPEDIA WOT you have been the only bright spot in my existence a lots of time you have made me laugh and cry with your chrachters you have given me a reason to live that is one other than my family of course but i am not writting to you to tell you any of that you already know that what i actually want ot say is that i know you will never give up specially when surrounded in sphere of such complete love and devotion but if for one second you have ever or if you will ever think about giving up think about people like me and amount of hope and joy it will take out of your millions of fans like me and others who you have never heard from but don't doubt it for a sec that you are ever far from our hearts or our prayers and in end i deon't think i need to tell you thaa i am your fan Mr JORDAN truly completly madly deeply


ps harriet i am male and completely straight guy with a wife and four kids so rest assured




and thank you Wilson sharing for something so beautiful and private with us all


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