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  1. WAWC - Winter Ball

    Catch Ben! *throws the ball his direction*
  2. WAWC - Winter Olympic Hangman!

  3. WAWC-Winter Olympic Trivia!

    *cheats on accident by reading Rhea's history post* Norway. :P
  4. WAWC - Favorite Winter Sport

    Sumo wrestling on PBS? I didn't know they did that. Very interesting. Bobsledding is such an interesting sport, I think. It seems such an odd concept--let's put two to four people inside this metal contraption and push them down an ice-slide. What could go wrong? Curling is also strange. Winter sports are definitely odd compared to their summer counterparts.
  5. WAWC - Ice Skating Pictionary

    You got it, Rhea! You won this round. I'll PM you your word and you have 24 hours to post your picture. A sit spin is one of the three basic spins in figure skating. It's performed in a squat position, with less than 90 degrees between the skater's thigh and calf. Adding it to a jump can make a flying sit spin.
  6. WAWC - Winter Olympic Hangman!

    Oh, I think you got it, Nicana!
  7. WAWC-Winter Olympic Trivia!

    *googles* Denver. :P
  8. WAWC - Favorite Winter Sport

    I agree, Lily! We saw the Penguins play the Coyotes in December and it was so amazing! I'd never seen a live game before but I loved it! If tickets weren't so expensive, I'd love to go more often!
  9. WAWC - Ice Skating Pictionary

    *lol* I think it's amazing!
  10. WAWC - Winter Olympic History

    I haven't watched more than a snippet or two in years! As a child--so in the 1990s--I remember watching all the ice skating events. I guess that was my favorite, by default. *lol*
  11. WAWC-Winter Olympic Trivia!

    You started off with a really tough one, Ben! I'm going to guess St. Petersburg.
  12. WAWC - Ice Skating Pictionary

    @BFG Good work! You won that round. I will PM you with your word and you have 24 hours to post your drawing here. A triple toe loop is a type of jump in figure skating. A skater uses the toe pick of the opposite foot to help lift them off the ice. They start the jump backwards, for a triple they need three rotations, then they land on the same foot.
  13. WAWC - Winter Olympic Hangman!

  14. WAWC - Winter Olympic Hangman!

  15. WAWC - Ice Skating Pictionary

    Close, BFG! It’s something a bit more specific!