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  1. All dentists should be shot on principle. Just saying.

  2. In the Lion's Den, no less? Just as idle thought. I had to decide whether 'collam' or 'daan' meant 'school'. Decided on Daan. Filipino=path.

  3. Looking for an Italian translator again. Thanks again to @sleepinghour for digging this one up! http://t.co/XI6Smpx2

  4. More later, but for now @zas678 remembers that Brandon doesn't know about the knife of dreams = Moridin thing. He said to ask Alan.

  5. While reading HP I am taking notes on the Age of Legends. In case you were wondering, that's where all the Boann, KoD etc. is coming from.

  6. Semirhage's alias, Anath, was known for her role in the death and resurrection of Baal.

  7. My mom is trying to foist her clothes on me.

  8. When it was HIS wife who was captured, all of a sudden it became quite logical to Perrin—even expected—that he should call the shots.

  9. lol @ Malazan: "Two characters are mentioned in the above link, Eleyne and Nyneve. Is this coincidence or was merlin an inspiration for RJ?"

  10. Okay, that's enough badfic. I really wish fanfic sites had more dependable ratings systems. Finding good stuff is always a chore.

  11. Anyone going to Brandon's signing this Saturday in Provo, and willing to ask him just one WoT question? :)

  12. Moridin is the Knife of Dreams. God, that explains so much. I feel like an idiot now.

  13. RT @bradleyifvusa: Why was I following you? The "white people's table" ? I think you have race issues TEREZ

  14. I was the 100th voter in my precinct. Went to the white people's table, I mean the Republican table. Voted against all incumbents.

  15. Someone reviewed an unfinished story of mine today, told me they liked it, added it to watchlist, and then asked me NOT to finish it. Wat?

  16. Zaphod Beeblebrox vs Someone @suvudu #cagematch (help him out guys! it's close) http://t.co/Nv2dRZR6

  17. Was doing the day person thing rather well all week, but I seem to have blown it now. The missing hour didn't help.

  18. After a year or so of using mostly Kosher salt, the smell of iodine in regular table salt seems much stronger.

  19. I keep getting phone calls from Unavailable, and I'm scared to answer. It's been a while since I had a landline...

  20. Turns out that 'acclimatised' is the Queen's version of 'acclimated'. Who knew?

  21. Woo, I finally made 700 followers. Watch, now I'm going to lose some.

  22. Just discovered that people actually write WoT fanfiction. Who knew?

  23. Poor Gulfport High School kids. (my alma mater) Newt was supposed to be there two hours ago, and never showed up. Crowd not big enough?

  24. For those confused about Semirhage's last name and how it relates to Rand's resurrection...third names probably (cont) http://t.co/6SGrdtGg

  25. More proof that Nynaeve will resurrect Rand via Tel'aran'rhiod: Semirhage's third name.

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