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  1. Just recently couple of days ago I went to the Barnes and Noble store when I was out of town and bought the last 14th book for paperback and holy cow its huge for a paperback. Especially books 12 and 13 besides book 14. Its been a long time since I read the first 6 books back in the late 1990s. Just wondering how good the other last half of the series is?
  2. Just yesterday I bought the hardcover of Book 12 for just 3 bucks at Dollar General Store. Then this morning I went and bought/ordered Wheel of Time Book 1 off of amazon. Then when I have the money and time next month ill get a few of the other older Wheel of Times so I can catch up all over again. Havent read the first 5 or 6 older books since i was in high school years ago back in 1996-1998
  3. Hi new member from South Dakota. I havent read the Wheel of Time books 1-6 since I was in high school back in the mid late 1990s. Earlier today I bought Book 12 in hardcover for just 3 bucks at the Dollar General Store. I cant believe theres Book 14. I have a long ways to go to even try to read the last 3 books. How is Book 12 anyway?
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