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  1. Yay, a wheel of time tattoo! I really really really want to get one, but I can never decide. I shall just stick with getting an Aes Sedai right for now, and continuing to love my WKs.



    Definitely come stop by the Social Groups. Lots of fun to be had.



    And, you may want to avoid the S word. DM is PG13, and that may be tinkering on the line.

  2. I, too, will speak for this woman, Mother.


    When Leala first joined DM, she and I quickly realized we belonged attached at the hip to each other. Unfortunately, real life got in the way, and we weren't as active in the White Tower as we both would have liked. When I returned, I missed my fellow novice, and was actively urging her to return. She is so bright and wonderful, and I wanted her to return to being an active part of everyone's White Tower and DM experience. The day that she returned, I got a wonderful message saying she was to be my Mentee. Getting that... I was overjoyed. This sweet girl that had become like a Sister to me was returning to the place where our friendship began.


    She quickly dug back into action, and I was delighted to see her reach to Accepted so quickly. And, when she and I discussed the Ajahs she was interested in and she mentioned the Blues, I was so very excited to know someone so near and dear to my heart was going to be joining the very Ajah that holds another that I love and respect so much. I knew that Leala would flourish and blossom with in the blues with Daruya beside her, and it made me know even more that I had to visit more.


    More than that, I am pleased to say that no one else deserves the honor of becoming an Aes Sedai more than her. She has worked hard, made friends, and become an active member of her Ajah. She is a True Puff, with her loyalty and friendship. I am proud that today I can welcome her to the Sisterhood of the Rank of Aes Sedai. Mother, I am so happy to say that this is an Accepted that I Mentored, and she deserves the rank of Aes Sedai.

  3. you know, loves... this is a pretty serious matter for some of us. Just throwing that out there.


    Are you saying that the rest of us haven't been offended in some way? I greet almost every single person that joins DM, and have received some unwanted attention in response. I deal with this type stuff on a daily basis. It is easier to just try and make it roll off my back and laugh with my friends, which is WHY I am here. It is better to smile than to frown.

  4. Welcome Welcome! Isn't it awesome doing a reread? I've lately been doing a reread, this time using the audiobooks. And, after every chapter, I go to the various websites and look at what happened, look at the people, see how everyone is connected, so if a little known character is mentioned, I keep it all straight.

  5. We have a sig forum with lots of fun sigs!



    I'm the same way, George. My real name is Christine. In some settings, where this is already taken, I use my last name as well. Elgee's name is actually her real life nickname!

  6. Sorry, Belly, even though we did talk some in the Sig forum. I try to stop by on all of them once a day, but I normally do it at the end of the day. Most times, the only people that respond are people that find they have something in common with them, as most people share lots of details about themselves. Tell us something about yourself!

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