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  1. Haha, Elgee is harmless, unless you try to hurt one of her babies. Then she is like a momma cat on steroids.



    Honestly? I hate Lejeune. I hate the town, and I hate the smell, and I hate the roads. But, I'll take the Carolinas over California any day.



    It loses it's charm very quickly.



    You in?

  2. You could try the Warders too - Light knows they seem drunk most of the time, that I can see *grins*


    Where-ever you end up, I hope you have a great time here on DM and make many new friends.


    Please, they see the mother coming, and START drinking.

  3. Welcome welcome to DM! So awesome you have been a lurker. I lurked for a while in the Discussions, looking at various theories, before I signed up one day just to join the Social Groups and got hooked.



    And hey, being a drinking soldier is awesome! Although you have already signed up, BotRH is definitely a place for you to be!

  4. Christine starts giggling at the feeling in her head, and suddenly she can't stop laughing. She tries to control herself, knowing that this likely has Leelou awake in the Yellow Quarters from all the giggling and excitement, but she can't help herself.


    Attempting to gain composition, she takes a sip of her wine, but then bursts out laughing again.



    I thought we were enough trouble before we bonded. Can you imagine how bad this will be when we are both busy with boring Sedai work, and we start thinking of trouble to get into...

  5. Christine cant help but to put a happy smile on, and reaches out to grab one of Leala's hands.


    We knew that we were destined to become sisters almost immediately. It's funny, how quickly our friendship began. I can't remember a point in which you and I were not like twins, causing mischief somewhere or another. And I am so glad you chose to return. Now, we can finally make our sisterhood a reality where it all began!


    She takes a sip of her wine, then sets it aside and faces Leala.


    So, my sister in all but bond, you want to finally make it official?

  6. Christine delicately sits beside Leala on the couch, careful to not spill the wine, and grins as she sets the basket on the floor.


    I am doing absolutely wonderful, now that little Mentee has become an Aes Sedai.


    Giving the woman a knowing smile, she pours two glasses of wine and hands one over, before picking the basket up off the floor and opening it to reveal all flavor of cookies.


    I know I only just saw you last night at your raising, but so much has been going on for you. Are you settling in ok?

  7. Christine slips into the Blue Ajah Quarters and smiles as she reaches her dearest's door. She was so very proud that her very first friend at the Tower in her return had finally reached Aes Sedai. She had even been given the pleasure of mentoring the girl, and she couldn't help but want to laugh. It was funny, that not so long ago, they had been trying to bond as Novices, and here they were again, a year later, both full grown Aes Sedai.


    Shifting the basket in one hand up her arm, Christine knocks lightly at the door, then lifts the bottle of wine that is clutched in her other hand for Leala to see. Smiling as the door is opened, she raises the basket as well.


    I've brought wine and cookies!

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