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Our Wheel of Time Cage Matches Have Begun!


The Wheel of Time cage matches I first mentioned in last week's roundup have begun!


Some of you are familiar with the popular Suvudu cage matches, which pit famous sci fi and fantasy characters against each other in bracketed tournaments. Our matches will be similar to Suvudu's, but they will be with Wheel of Time characters only.


Your hardworking Admins and DM Staff have chosen sixteen Wheel of Time characters (eight channelers and eight non-channelers) to fight each other in a bracketed tournament. We've got a bracket for the channelers and a bracket for the non-channelers. Each cage match includes impressive art and a write-up of how we think the fight might go. The actual results are determined via polls, in which registered members can vote.


Please head to this forum in order to participate. You will need to register for our forums in order to post and vote. Also, please read this before posting in the other threads. That thread has a lot of information in it, including our tournament schedule.


Every Sunday for the duration of the tournament, I will report the ongoing matches for the week and the winners from previous matches. Here are our fights for this week:


1.) Moiraine vs. Nynaeve

2.) Cadsuane vs. Lanfear

3.) Logain vs. Taim

4.) Moridin vs. Aviendha


Who will win? Who will die in shame? You decide!

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Recommended Comments

1. Nyneave

2. lanfear(if she can go to TAR)

3. Logain

4. aviendha

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I think in this case that knowledge weighs heaviest!

So That will mean:





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You guys are voting in the polls Dwyn linked to right? Votes posted here don't count.

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you can't just put every winner on the side of the light. That's just... well especially Moridin/Avi... I mean.. COME ON.

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@heavytabbs,you are absolutly right,i gave avi my vote because i adore her,

its more like a wishful thinking,i know moridin is way too strong for her. it has nothing to do with her being on the side of light,e.g. i gave lanfear my

vote because she is the hotest,coolest woman on wheel of time,and i really dont

like(to put it mildly)that grandmother from hell cadsuane grrrrrrr!!!

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