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    BTW, my profile picture is from a bookstore in Singapore that had the complete series of the Wheel of Time in both the International and US versions. How sweet is that?!
  1. I'm in charleston SC and I'd love to complete the pilgrimage. PM me if you don't want to divulge publicly.
  2. Aren't the dreams Egwene had about Gawyn returning from Caemlyn in time to defeat the bloodknives in the previous book?
  3. Renee I'll see you at maryland right?
  4. By the way, if there aren't enough people that apply, can we sign up for a second time?
  5. I'll be at the Maryland signing, I'll see you all there!
  6. Tower Guard for life. To everyone who applies, this is an outstanding experience. I am saddened that I cannot help again, but I'll be out there at a signing to support the series! It's almost here :)
  7. I heard that Gavid was the best character in the series. A crossbowman and complete badass? What a winner! He deserves his own book.
  8. Thank you for sharing, but what the hell does this have to do with the Wheel of Time? I was waiting for a WOT game update of some sort, or at leas something WOT related. Can we move posts like this to the forums instead of the main page?
  9. I like them all except for Caemlyn. It's too flat, the old city is supposed to be more rolling and higher up, am I wrong?
  10. Well, generally I think you can only feel the ability in women who have the spark naturally. The Sul'dam don't have the spark (those are the damane), but instead, can be trained. I think if they were trained, then others would feel the resonance (or whatever it is). I didn't remember the Aviendha quote, but perhaps that is a talent specific to her. Rand's girls are all full of surprises. As to the future of damane and sul'dam, I would like to think that Mat would play a role in abolishing the a'dams. Wouldn't that just be SO ironic. possible quote, "Burn me! Of course I hate the power... but, well it's just not right, blood and bloody ashes. You could tie them up and leave them for all I care just take those flaming collars off, light Tuon it's just, wrong!" lol, in the old tongue of course.
  11. Agreed. It's Alivia and Nynaeve in a circle with Rand so that he can safely wield Callandor.
  12. I have that FPS WOT game :) I had to install an internal OS that runs win95 just so I could play it because it wasn't compatible lol.
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