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The Lighter Side of the Taint: 'Tis the Seasoning


Shayol Ghul Dock Side Restaurant


Winter Raids Holiday Feast




Choice of


Seanchan Dumplings

Choice pieces of To'raken steamed in a sweet bread shell.




Twice Baked Warder Skins

These pesky troublemakers couldn't save their skins, so enjoy them with a hot cheese and bacon filling.


Soup and Salad


Choice of


Wolf Bone Soup

A slow cooked and heavily seasoned stock of Wolf Bones, served with a dollop of cream and crackers.




Cream of Vegetable Soup

For our non-Trolloc visitors, something that won't remind you of what will happen should you fail the Great Dark Lord.


either will be served with

a Blightberg Lettuce Salad with Tremalking Island Dressing

A delicious collection of local non-deadly vegetables from the Blight, tossed with tangy Tremalking Dressing.




Choice of


Surf and Turf

A slab of farmer with a slab of Sea Folk, cooked to order and lightly seasoned.




Farmer's House Potluck Surprise

Cow, sheep, horse, all meats and vegetables from the farm thrown into a pot and cooked to perfection. A local favorite.




Lady Fingers and rich Seanchan Kaf

Guaranteed Noble, Our Lady Fingers are fried and covered in chocolate, then served with a steaming cup of Seanchan Kaf.

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