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  1. BEST. POST. EVER Um if you remember Rand was busy Umm let me see..... BEING THE DRAGON REBORN, killing forsaken crap like that, and he was having an appeared falling out with perrin so yeay.
  2. I like perrin, I mean come on guys he has a freaking power wrought hammer and kicks butt in the world of dreams. Oh and he kicked the shaido's butt.
  3. I would go to tear's great holding or something, find the most BA sa'angreal I could and go into the blight and challenge the dark one.
  4. It means that doing what you must is really hard and and to die is easy
  5. I think you only get thirteen visits, but on the bright side if you pay with not just your soul, but the souls of all your friends too, you get unlimited food ,and if your good, we'll throw in a True Power Massage.
  6. ill have the cream of vegetable soup(Must get away from the dark lord)
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