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  1. This is excellent news. I couldn't be more happy. I'm rereading the series right now.
  2. To think, he was originally going to tell this story in 6 books. Still would have been epic.
  3. That first painting of Moiraine is almost life like. Dispite the blue eyes she is beautiful.
  4. I think he'll make a great doctor. I'm just surprised to see this here.
  5. What if, instead of Rand being Ta'Veren off and on from birth, That it was Tam whao was Ta'Veren when he found Rand on the mountain. Just something to think about.
  6. Wow. Can you imagine the size of this book if it contains everything that is involved in the series.
  7. Can "Ravens" be found online. I'm poor and can't afford the book right now. Besides I have a hardback version of The Eye Of The World. I began the series with New Spring. It actually helped me with understanding some things as I read The Eye Of The World.
  8. I just liked her on facebook and I have to say her work is beautiful.
  9. These are pretty cool. My favorite is the final one.
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