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Fan Art Friday: fee-absinthe


While I applaud the Wheel of Time art community for its inexhaustible creativity, the pace with which it produces works that reduce me to a doe-eyed fangirl does hamper my plan to eventually feature every great Wheel of Time fan artist out there. For this very reason, I have not yet had the pleasure of featuring any art by Tanya Wagemann, a.k.a. fee-absinthe. Stumbling across one of this Chilean artist's perky, colorful character studies always brightens my day.


Since yinz don't read the Fan Art Friday blog to hear me wax poetic, I'll go ahead and (mostly) let her work speak for itself!



1. Wonder Trio

These portraits really highlight the artist's ability to capture the essence of each character. I'm also impressed by her attention to detail in the costuming.





2. Leane

This one stands out for me because of its use of textures and patterns.





3. Elayne doodles

What can I say? All these expressions are just so Elayne.





4. Hedonism

This is the first of two depictions she's done of Graendal. I can't feature the second because it contains mature content, but if you're curious and are not put off by busty-yet-tastefully-rendered women in diaphanous gowns, you can find it here (You may need a deviantART account to view it. Go ahead and sign up! It's easily worth the cost, which is nothing at all :wink:).





Not only is fee-absinthe actively producing fan art for the series (something that sadly cannot be said of many of my other favorite Wheel of Time artists), she also takes commissions. Unfortunately, her journal on deviantART indicates she currently has tendonitis and has had to take a break from new commissions. We hope she gets better soon! If you have an original character you've invented and would like to see painted, be sure to keep an eye on her journal for updates.

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...No comments on the Leanne one? Really?


That one caught my breath somewhat, and she's rarely depicted in fanart

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No, because I've seen that image before. But, yes, she's great :)

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Wow they are really great - especially love the Nynaeve and Leane ones

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