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  1. Delarn, the Redarm he saved in Hinderstap. It was your clue to what he had planned for dealing with the river blockage. Oh, cool. Thanks for clearing that up. I thought it might have been someone from the Two Rivers he couldn't remember because of the holes in his memory.
  2. I am crushed that we won't get to hear more from Mat and Tuon now that AMoL is over. Their tale is so obviously unfinished (and RJ clearly knows more than he's let on here). What is the story Min's visions of Tuon would tell? Why doesn't Tuon still rule in Aviendha's vision of the future? Does Tuon ever learn to channel? Will she bond Mat? What did Hawkwing say to her when they met? Does Mat still have his outrageous luck (if Perrin is right and they are no longer ta'veren)? I am also disappointed we never learn more about Mat's memories. I don't mean the ones the Finns gave him, I mean the ones he had before them (e.g., when he screams "Carai an Caldazar" as he throws himself into battle in tEotW). It's a pretty good bet that Mat is Aemon reborn, but I don't like hearing "No, you're not a hero of the horn" and getting no follow-up on this. I was hoping for a Mat-v.-Demandred boss fight and was looking forward to Tuon finding out he was the Hornsounder. More, I was really hoping he would admit to the memories in his head (maybe to convince Egwene and Elayne they should let him take command?). Small disappointments. Overall, I was pleased. I was hoping for more than one conversation between him and Rand, too, though I actually enjoyed the banter. I thought Robert Jordan wrote that part. I very much liked the part where Mat admitted to Tuon that he plays the fool, and told Selucia he guessed she was a bodyguard. I also liked that his penmanship "improved" in battle. These moments reveal that, even when we see things from his POV, we sometimes aren't told that he's being intentionally oblivious. Why did Mat refer to Leilwin as "that Seanchan woman?" He knows who she is! Heck, they pretended to be engaged, didn't they? Finally, who was that man Mat didn't quite recognize when he was showing the peasants how to make the poles for the palisade? I got the impression I was supposed to know.
  3. Thanks, everyone! gwenifer, I'll PM you :P If you get a deviantART account you can "watch" me, and it will send you an alert whenever I post a new painting. I don't know if you want another site to keep an eye on, just thought I'd mention!
  4. Hey, guys! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this will be my final Fan Art Friday blog post. I've loved sharing all my favorite Wheel of Time art with you, plus I'm going to miss all the perks of being Dragonmount staff. (No, they didn't let me read an advance copy of A Memory of Light, but they did let me interview a personal hero...but more on this later. You haven't quite seen the end of me yet.) Most importantly, I had the honor of getting to know our incomparable Front Page Admin, Dwyn, and all our other awesome front page bloggers. The engineer in me couldn't resist doing a bit of statistical analysis before waving goodbye, so I'm afraid we'll be ending on a very mathematical note. It's been a good run, with a total of 30 posts, 191 featured artworks, and 241 comments. Interestingly, there is no correlation between the number of works featured in a given week and the number of comments received (correlation coefficient = 0.056). The average number of works featured has been increasing with time (see trendline in figure below) such that, if I were to keep posting, I could expect to be featuring 26 posts per week by week 100 (though the R2 value is only 0.34, so I would not call time a strong predictor...). In case you missed it, this was my most popular post. Here's a figure mapping comments and works featured over time. As a point of curiosity, the lull in July coincides with Tynaal leaving her post as Rotating Features Blogger and Mashi, Ire, and EP coming on board to fill the void. I guess we're better together! Now that we're beyond that little bit of silliness, I wanted to wrap up with a shout-out to the Wheel of Time group on deviantART and its awesome founder ~Gorgaidon. If you're craving more Wheel of Time fan art, her group is THE place to go. And, of course, it wouldn't be Fan Art Friday without some fan art. Here are a whole bunch of artworks that I've collected over the years which, in spite of being awesome, never found their way into a previous post. The Raven Lord by ~ToranekoStudios Rhuidean by ~mandersen Andoran Pride by *fee-absinthe Birgitte Trahelion by ~livska Siuan Sanche by ~str4yk1tt3n Perrin, Rand, and Mat by ~minniearts Rand and Perrin by *hamdiggy Balefire by ~Seeshi-suin Rand al'Thor by ~hevial WoT: Elayne Trakand by ~Manweri Escape the Dancing Cartman by ~Forbis WoT--Rand and Matrim by ~aiconx (Hey, it's my last week, I'll feature what I want! And what I want is some more Rand/Mat...) Wheel of Time by ~nattfrost And that's all, folks! See you around the forums!
  5. peregrine

    WoT Map

    Hey, this is being featured this week on the Fan Art Friday blog on the front page!
  6. You're welcome! It was my pleasure!
  7. The world of the Wheel is as much defined by objects, symbols, and clothing as it is by characters. Unfortunately for you all, I'm a pretty poor craftsman. This inability to create decent crafts has convinced me that I probably can't tell good crafts from bad crafts, and that I probably shouldn't try. So, I've been avoiding them. This week, I hope to fix that. My goal today is to show the best of the best--craftsmanship so lovely that even I couldn't mistake it for anything other than the product of exceptional talent and painstaking effort. The first half of the post is dedicated to objects and depictions of objects, while the second half is dedicated to cosplay and costuming. (I know, I know, depictions of objects are really works of art, not craft, and cosplay really deserves its own week. The theme today is a little tangled. Somehow, I think we'll muddle through.) Dagger from Shadar Logoth by peregrine al thor This is a beautifully detailed replica of one of the most interesting objects in Randland, done by a Dragonmount member with (if I do say so myself) exquisite taste in Internet handles. Check out his Dragonmount gallery for more Wheel of Time woodwork, including Mat's ashandarei! Wheel of Time Map by Dragonmount member SuperScotty's wife, Janna Oh my gosh, it's a giant oil painting of Randland. There is really no limit to the awesomeness and creativity of Wheel of Time fans, is there? Great Serpent Ring by Corella Studios (deviantART gallery, personal site) Corella Studios creates amazing 3-D art (including a lot more great Wheel of Time art). It's worth checking out their gallery if you have time. They are currently open for commissions. Tarmon Gai'don 14 by ^Elandria This is a stock image. To the best of my knowledge, this means it was created as a reference for other digital artists, traditional artists, and photomanipulators. I think it stands beautifully on its own. (I don't recognize the flag. I think this was inspired by The Wheel of Time, rather than directly adapted from it.) Wheel of Time--Lily and Boar (Elayne and Gawyn) by ~DreaminBlood Models: ~DreaminBlood and her twin (?) sister ~Wany-Waldnymphe. Photography by *chiisaiSaku. A rare combination (for The Wheel of Time, at least) of beautiful cosplay and beautiful photography. Star Wars meets WoT by ~more2lookfwd2 (Alex Molk) Okay, I admit it. I'm not sharing this one because the costuming is awesome, even though it is, and I'm not sharing it just because it's a fun crossover. I'm sharing it because this guy looks exactly like the version of Mat in my head. Maybe it's because of his resemblance to versions of Mat drawn by ~Forbis and ~solitarium, which for me have always defined the character. What do you think? Lanfear: Look to the Stars by ~TnSabregirl Not being a cosplayer myself, I have not to date paid nearly enough attention to ~TnSabregirl's beautiful costumery. This dress is my favorite of her Wheel of Time costumes. The detail is just incredible.
  8. peregrine

    First WoT - 1/4

    I love this tattoo. It's seriously amazing! Also, it's being featured on Fan Art Friday on the front page ... http://www.dragonmount.com/index.php/News/fan-art-friday/fan-art-friday-epic-ink-r464
  9. I pronounce it nin-AVE. Hopelessly wrong, I know.
  10. Oh, I think it's a lovely name! I do pronounce it wrong, though ...
  11. I'm not very good at hiding my inner fantasy geek, but I haven't yet felt the overwhelming urge to permanently ink my skin with a declaration of my undying love for Mat Cauthon or The Wheel of Time. That's not to say I haven't thought about it. Probably the only thing saving me from just such an uncontrollable urge in the future is the fact that I've sworn off getting any more tattoos. (Three and a half hours of tattoo-machine-on-spine was my lifetime pain limit. I've had more fun skiing on a bone fracture.) Even though I won't be getting any more tattoos, I still love looking at them. Luckily, there are some amazing Wheel of Time tattoos out there. Here are some of my favorites. Unless I use full names below, I'm using Dragonmount handles. Also, there's a whole Dragonmount forum thread on this here. Jenn dedicated an old Fan Art Friday to this, too. Marcus Allen Adams has a lot of Wheel of Time tattoos! The Andoran lion in the bottom right corner is a work in progress. flafro got this amazing half sleeve tattoo done a while back... ...which inspired Bandenjamin to get this half sleeve. (These are my favorites. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm staggered by the sheer awesomeness of flafro's and Bandenjamin's arms.) FizzLiz posted this insanely adorable picture in the forums of her husband holding their baby girl Nynaeve. Continuing the half sleeve theme, we've got Windstrider's awesome wheel-and-serpent tattoo... ...and a work in progress that Plazmuh is getting (has gotten? I'd love to see an update!) In true Wheel of Time spirit, kanekaspar got this tattoo of a dragon wrapped around his forearm. Emma Wardle got this along her ribs. I love the design and am in awe of her pain tolerance. And these guys (C. Charles Lovat-Fraser on the left and Mark Johnston on the right) just made me laugh. Their tattoos are cool, too. Last but not least, here's Dragonmount's illustrious founder, Jason Denzel, with his amazing dragon tattoo.
  12. Last week, I introduced the amazing art on the Facebook page "Screw you all, I love Wheel of Time." Assuming you weren't so inspired by my post that you looked up the rest of the art yourself, I'm featuring another handful of favorites from the page this week. Art by Cyndi Crews 1. Rand al'Thor by Madeleine Gusdal (Epilogue gallery, Elfwood gallery) 2. Selene by Madeleine Gusdal 3. Tinker Women by Cicely Combs Cicely Combs' unique and fascinating style has become more sophisticated in the years since she painted these pieces. I highly recommend checking out her professional gallery! 4. The Rebel Amyrlin by Cicely Combs 5. Tinker Woman Dancing the Tiganza by Jon Foster According to the Wheel of Time Wiki, this was created for the Wheel of Time roleplaying game. Jon Foster is an incredible professional artist with impressive vision--please check out his gallery if you have time. You won't regret it! 6. Rand by Meghan Waters I love this one! I've never seen it anywhere else! 7. Rand al'Thor Pumpkin, Light Version by =joh-wee (pattern by ~TamIsMyFather) Happy Halloween!
  13. You're welcome, guys :) Unfortunately, I don't think the covers are available for purchase
  14. A while back, my friend Sam pointed me to the Facebook page "Screw you all, I love Wheel of Time." Besides being another great place to get your daily Wheel of Time fix (if Dragonmount just isn't enough for you), it also has a diverse and impressive collection of art I haven't seen anywhere else.* Here are some of my favorite fan works from the page. Tune in next week for more! Art by Cyndi Crews 1. Book Jackets by Tim Cottrell Go here to see the full project. Here are his covers for books 4-11. 2. Cold Rocks Hold by Jared Magneson (~lordstormdragon) 3. False Rose (Liandrin) by Lipták László 4. Rand al'Thor by Hamilton Cline (*hamdiggy) 5. al'Lan Mandragoran by Hamilton Cline *Unfortunately, a lot of the art posted to the Facebook page is uncredited. I can't tell you how common it is to see uncredited fan art, or how disappointing. We fan artists put a lot of heart into our art, and we love to share it with you. If you value our work, please do us the honor of giving us credit for it! In case you don't know, this is the etiquette for sharing art: Ask permission before reposting, if possible. You should also inform the artist that you have reposted their work and provide them a link to the page (again, if possible). At the very least, provide the artist's name when you repost and include a link to their gallery page, if they have one.
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