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Tor Books to release new Wheel of Time book covers

Jason Denzel
  • Robert Jordan's U.S. publisher is giving The Wheel of Time series new mass-market book covers. 

Tor Books, the U.S. publisher of The Wheel of Time, is planning to release new editions of the entire series, beginning October of this year. The new editions will feature brand-new cover designs. 


These new editions are wisely being timed to coincide with the forthcoming TV show from Amazon Studios. The cover art doesn't feature any new art featuring characters or scenes from the books but instead aims for mass appear with a stylized look. The covers are reminiscent of the UK mass market editions that were first released in 2014. 


Only the covers for the first six books have been released so far. Below you'll find the release schedule, links to purchase them, and the full-sized covers. 


The Eye of the World - October 29, 2019
The Great Hunt - October 29, 2019
The Dragon Reborn - October 29, 2019
The Shadow Rising - December 31, 2019
The Fires of Heaven - December 31, 2019
Lord of Chaos - December 31, 2019
A Crown of Swords - February 2020
The Path of Daggers - February 2020
Winter's Heart - February 2020
The Crossroads of Twilight - Spring 2020
Knife of Dreams - Spring 2020
The Gathering Storm - Spring 2020
Towers of Midnight - Summer 2020
A Memory of Light - Summer 2020
New Spring - Summer 2020















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Pale in comparison to the ebook covers.   But, the Darryl K. Sweet covers were, well, something, at least for those who judge books by their covers.  These are a considerable improvement.

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I still love the last book cover by Michael Whelan and the ebook covers the best.  

Edited by Matty Cawthorne

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They, like the Orbit covers, make them look like they are very sophisticated and professional covers. They look like they belong alongside the Lord of The Rings bright red book on a bookshelf. 

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I like the covers just fine. Any word on if they fixed previous printing errors and typos for this edition?

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