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  1. The Weekly Wheel News! New sketches & POPs 3D images created with Bryce v1-5.5 over the years. Hand drawn stuff as well...
  2. Awesome! I love that they are not using production photos!
  3. Tai’shar Malkier! 

  4. Seems my response vanished.... I was saying, overall I am very impressed. As a graphic designer, I love the typography, layout, the way the artwork is used but compliments the cover, and the colors are great too. I think this is great. Maybe the back will show a larger view of the artwork, across the top maybe? Too bad we didn't get a sneak peek at the spine and back cover. I must say, I always thought the eBook art for tEotW was kind of misleading. Looks like a swashbuckling pirate book, like Peter and the Starcatchers... I would have picked a more classic scene... Trollocs bursting thru the door on Winternight? The empty road and black rider... Maybe even a scene in Shadar Logoth with Mordeth, Perrin, Rand and Mat. Or Rand's first time channeling to the rescue when he and Mat were trapped in that room in Four Kings and the lightnings came.
  5. Re-reading the series for the third time, now that it's almost finished. I'm still in TEOTW

  6. I met RJ at a book signing for Legends. I gave him a print of my "Death of Kinslayer" image. I hope he kept it, he seemed touched. =)
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