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Chapter 1 of A Memory of Light Now Available on Tor.com!


Now that you've had a chance to read the Prologue of A Memory of Light, why not take a look at the first chapter? Today, Tor.com has released "Eastward the wind blew", chapter 1 of A Memory of Light in its entirety for your perusal. Although you need to register for their site in order to read it, it's completely free! Here's more information from Tor:

Tor.com is pleased to offer “Eastward the Wind Blew,” the first chapter of
A Memory of Light
, the final book in the
Wheel of Time

This chapter is available to registered Tor.com users only. Registration is free and straightforward, and Tor.com members receive early access to exclusive excerpts, original fiction and special offers, as well as our weekly e-newsletter. New visitors can register at the link below.

Regarding spoilers: “Eastward the Wind Blew” contains spoilers for the A Memory of Light prologue, “By Grace and Banners Fallen.” The spoiler and speculation thread for the Prologue itself is here.

Read “Eastward the Wind Blew,” Chapter 1 of A Memory of Light.

Have fun!

About A Memory of Light

Dragonmount features complete coverage of AMOL. Check back regularly for updates as well as exclusives such as our early review of the book. In the meantime, there's plenty for you to enjoy:

  • Read Jason's "response" to AMOL
  • Purchase the prologue and support our website
  • Read the opening portion of the AMOL prologue for free.
  • Read the opening portion of Chapter 1 for free.
  • Read the opening portion of Chapter 11 for free.
  • Visit our complete AMOL info page.
  • Discuss A Memory of Light on our forums.Follow us on Twitter or "Like" us on Facebook.

    Please consider pre-ordering the full book through one of our international Amazon affiliates, and help support our website.


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    I pretty much plan to take January 9th off of work... My fastest read ever was Harry Potter 6.. Less than 1 day. But this book is even longer! May be tough to beat!

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    Come on people, I can't read the Prologue so I don't want to read the Chapter either. It's not fair :(

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