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  1. Never compare BSG to this... The ending of that series is absolutely awful... Watch some of Ron Moore's commentary on those last episodes... Especial parts about throwing darts at a story board to decide who is or who isn't a cylon... That series made a bunch of promises and emphasized a lot of plot devices that turned out to be absolute BS... I have never watched a single episode of that show since... HORRIBLE ending.
  2. Curious if this was ever discussed. But it appears to me that Tuon may have started channeling in KOD. Ch.11 A Hell in Maderin - during the knife fight in the street. Mat turns to face the 8 attackers he sees. At the end of the fight, he notices that Tuon and Thom had not run due to another band of attackers. 6 men with swords would have been a tough fight for gimped Thom and unarmed Tuon and Selucia. Both Tom and Selucia take wounds, however Mat notices that Tuon has not a scratch. "Mat wondered whether Tuon had taken part there, too, but he could not see a spot of blood on her anywhere....'Im an old man and sometimes I imagine I see things that can't be, but luckily, I always forget them.' Selucia paused to look up at him coolly. Lady's maid she might be, but blood seemed not to faze her at all. 'And what might you be trying to forget?' 'I can't recall, Thom replied. Selucia nodded and went back to examining his wounds." Mat then comments how they both have no wits. Now, is it possible that Tuon was simply so capable of a fighter that Thom would make a comment like that?? Maybe. But why would he need to forget something as trivial as Tuon being good with her fists. Also, certainly Thom has seen capable nobly born women who can handle themselves in a fight. I think it is more likely that Thom caught a glimpse of Tuon channeling to help him stave off 6 men. And seeing her do this, willingly and adeptly, is enough for him to "imagine things".
  3. Not to mention Rand via Logain has deployed a bulk of Asha'man throughout Rand'land. To hold off the Seanchan, and fight along the Blight. The whole BT bugs me a bit as a plot hole by RJ to begin with. Granted Rand's time is precious. But we see him in T'A'R spying on Elayne, Egwene, etc.. We see him jumping around for his battles with various FS. Yet, he doesn't spend ANY time checking in on the BT. A BT who he entrusted to Taim, someone he barely trusted from the moment he met him. Above any of the things he has going on, making an army of channelers (the most powerful force in all of R'land) was not even worth regularly checking up on??! Even spying on?? With 200-300 Ashaman, he could silence any Seanchan force. Any trolloc force. Etc etc.. Why wouldn't that be like #2 on the list besides fighting the FS... Yet he takes so little personal interest in ensuring their loyalty and ability. This makes ZERO sense even to an insane Rand. It would be like the President of the US taking zero interest of the development / security / deployment of our nuclear weapons... Though not talked about, I would guess every President since Truman looks very closely at the reports regarding our nuclear status/capability on a very regular basis. And would know instantly if something were wrong there... One does not implenent a program for the most powerful weapons in existence and then not keep tabs on it..
  4. Just came across this.. WH, Norry.. "From what I saw of him, my Lady, I myself would not believe him dead unless I sat three days with the corpse." === Curious, will having an empty/dead body in the real world allow the Birgitte-like resurrection to be slightly different. Will Nynaeve simply do what she saw Moh' do, or will this allow her to return him to his body and maybe not immediately need the Warder bond. Has anyone ever asked RJ or BS why she needed the bond to survive her artificial return from T'A'R??
  5. If Rand is resurrected a'la Birgette, he will only have memories of this life eventually... His previous LTT memories will fade away. I am very interested to see that whole aspect play out, because I think Rand suspects some of it...judging by the 1st chapter? prologue? I forget. Somehow the taint itself is what allowed the LTT soul to be born into the 3rd Age world with all it's memories from the previous life accessible. And they slowly were revealing themselves to Rand, the more contaminated he became.. According to Birgette, normally when she was reborn into the world, she has no memory of her lives before. Life/the pattern just shapes her into that soul's abilities.. That should have happened with the Dragon soul as well, but the taint thru the "madness" gave the soul access to it's previous memories as the Dragon soul's life progressed... Whether the DO knew this would happen or not, hard to say.
  6. Yikes, seemed pretty clear.. lol Cannot wait for Mat to be reunited with the Horn... Mat's funniest/greatest moments are all tied to that thing. Whenever he thinks he has escaped, he remembers he has to be the one to sound it..Or be dead.. Haha .. Think it will be his idea to use it to get Rand back??
  7. "Edit: Gah! Terez got me by a few seconds..." From Rand's own musings when the Horn is sounded as well.. Something along the lines of looking among the Heroes and not seeing Lews Therin among them. And the following conversation with Hawkwing. Course that's the one book not on my Kindle/Nook Apps.. LOL
  8. The pattern itself is the DO's prison. Created by the Creator, via the Wheel of Time.. While the DO is touching the pattern (thanks to Lanfear) it cannot repair the threads of the pattern that are currently ripped from existence by the DO.... The WoT itself has repaired the damage each and every time this age has come in the past. It is the only known device of the Creator left to the world/existence that can make a whole and complete pattern/prison...
  9. Yes! AoL flashbacks, one more time.. We have to come full circle to the opening scene of the series!! Brings me to another thought too, we had LTT using some crazy unknown weave to make Dragonmount and burn himself to shreds... The ending has to top that moment!!
  10. I fear for Min. So that's who I am voting on. I think her special ability, is crucial for this side of the Last Battle.. But the Wheel may not let her and that ability survive past it.. Unless, a scenario where Rand, Frodo's from the world.. Maybe she and he together leave for an isolated corner of the world.. Regardless if he survives the Last Battle, I don't think he will be an active member of the world, post-Last Battle.. More though, as a fan/observer of novels/television. With this much foreshadowing of the hero not surviving, if he does, the protagonist often will lose someone very close to him/her in exchange. We have had SO much Rand/Min time through out the second half of the series. The impact of him losing her, after all they have been through.. Especially when he is supposed to be the one to die... That would be the most tragic death in regards to the protagonist. One could make a case for the other two, but neither has really spent much one on one time with him throughout the series.. Their deaths would seem out of place, especially since neither really seems to have an direct projected part in the climax.. That's Moraine, that's Nynaeve, that's Min... So from a writing standpoint, I feel like Min dying would have the biggest impact on the readers... Have a bad feeling about this one. But I can see a scenario where Lan (maybe Nynaeve) both die too.. So much between them about not wanting to live without the other. And where does he fit in after? Most of his people are dead.. What's left will surely die during his part in the LB...
  11. Well, it's two separate questions really. 1)Who is his alter ego?? 2)What has he been up to?? 1) we can answer with almost certainty as Terez points out. 2) we cannot answer with certainty, because we have been intentionally left in the dark. Much like Taim until Moridin told us. But a lot of time has passed since he was released and AMOL. Certainly building up a Murandian army didn't occupy that entire time. What were his combined plans with Semirhage and Mesaana?? He had his hands in both places, but nothing was revealed of what HE was up to in regards to either when they fell. I think it is still very likely he has ties to the White Tower and the Seanchan. For all we know, maybe he is behind Sorilea and the freeing of Semirhage. There are a lot of loose end DF threads that "could" have his hands on it. Remember his primary mission for most of his time in the series, create chaos. So far the Seanchan empire is in ruins. The White Tower smashed and picking up the pieces. Caemlyn/Andor in ruins. Borderlands, overrun. We'll just have to wait and see on #2, but he very likely could have his hands in any/all of that.
  12. The chapter feels more like awkward Mat from the TGS than the more RJ Mat from TOM. He repeats the whole, "I have spent time coming up with a backstory" thing. This is NOT Mat's character. He would roll the dice and trust to his luck. Not spend a bunch of time coming up with a cover story. It must be tough though for someone who doesn't drink / get drunk / gamble to write a character like Mat, however. There are times when I get the sense from Brandon that he is condemning drinking and/or those who drink in some of the language the characters use before doing so or after going to the taverns. He clearly doesn't get it, but that's the culture he grew up with.
  13. Perhaps the Wheel will not be destroyed. Perhaps it will get knocked off its axis and stop turning, converting circular time to linear time. Or perhaps the wheel will continue turning, but the angle (course) of its rotation will be shifted enough to radically change the future. Time is always linear in WoT. The pattern however is what is repeating.
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