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Magyk and Flyte and the new book Physik

Safia al-Maaz

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Ok, I am babysitting tonight, and Sam and I got into a conversation about Angie Sage's Septimus Heap book series. Sam decided she wanted to make a thread about it, so here she is! ;)


Hey everybody!!! im very much interested into the Septimus Heap books and i think they are absoultley amazing in detail and i love how the author takes deep thought inot imagination. For all of u who have Magyk and Flyte like me i cant believe wht happened in Flyte of how Simon treated Septimus it was unbearable, but i couldn't put the book down! So when Angela (Safia) told me about the new book Physik i screamed i wuz soooo excited!!!!! im gonna be like one of the first to get the book. My friend Megan got me caught up in the books, i saw her reading it and i asked her if i could read wht the book wuz about and i did!!! and nearly 2 weeks after i bought the book Magyk amd was very far into it! and when i wuz done with tht i got right into the book flyte! :) I read flyte so fast and got 100% on my test on the book, and im wayyy to excited about the new book! well i'll c u guyys later or girls and i hope i can talk to u about the book and wht the new book will be about!!! :wink: c ya!


Again, that was Sam. I must say, I liked Magyk and Flyte as well. Tell me all of your thoughts guys! I'm sure Sam would love to hear your comments. :D

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