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(Green Ajah) Nature Week 2016: Earth - Welcome


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Welcome, Warders and fellow Aes Sedai, to the first Green Ajah Nature Week!


This is a week dedicated to talking about aspects of the natural world and how it effects human life and welfare. Each year there will be a different theme, centred around a different feature of the nature. This year's theme is centred around: Earth.


By earth, we do not mean the entire planet of the same name - that would pretty much cover everything in nature! Instead, we will be taking a look specifically at the ground - the soil.


Over the course of the week, we will be posting soil-themed discussions and games/contests here in Tar Valon, links of which will be found below as they are posted. We hope you will join us in examining this crucial issue, and I hope that you learn something new along the way!


Dirty Facts: Soil and Society [Discussion]


Gardening [Discussion]


Earth Trivia [Game] - Not yet posted


Poetry and Art Contest [Game] - Not yet posted


Guess the Soil Feature [Game] - Not yet posted


Ecological Footprint Calculator [Game/Discussion]

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