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Simulation and Writing


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I have not been on here in quite a while, but I have gotten back into the WOT saga and am currently in a third re-read. The catch to this is that the only book that I have not read yet is AMOL, so no spoil me please. I was idiot enough to start from book one for the third time and I just cannot let myself skip to the last book until Ive completed them all again. I do have a plan for after I complete the last book however.


After it is all over, I am going to use the D20 WOT book, the WOT Companion, and other resources to simulate a character Ive created through this fantastic fantasy world and then write about what happens. This character's journey will begin on the day that the Seanchen attack and capture Ebou Dar. I am wondering if there is a part of this forum that would be appropriate for me to copy and paste each chapter as I complete them. This way anyone who would be interested in reading it could do so and perhaps offer some feedback. I don't see myself actually starting this process until next year because Ive got a custom apparel business to run and three ornery kids. What do you guys think about this?

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my 3rd time through the series was like yours; it ended with my 1st time through Memory of Light.


not sure if this forum allows fan fiction to be posted.

moderators/administrators would know.


edit::  if it is not allowed, might create a blog and post the chapters there.

also, it might be good to record notes of the scenes the story would cover.

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Yes. I really like that idea and that is the purpose of letting the dice decide what happens and recording the events in as much detail as I can. Then when it comes time to write, you already have loads of information and story that is already simulated for you. Shouldn't have much writers block ;)

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If you click on the Clubs drop down, and mosey over to the writers guild, that would probably be the best place.


However in their rules of conduct they mention that WoT fan fiction is prohibited by DM rules.


@JenniferL is this correct?

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