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  1. Yes. I really like that idea and that is the purpose of letting the dice decide what happens and recording the events in as much detail as I can. Then when it comes time to write, you already have loads of information and story that is already simulated for you. Shouldn't have much writers block ;)
  2. Aloha, I have not been on here in quite a while, but I have gotten back into the WOT saga and am currently in a third re-read. The catch to this is that the only book that I have not read yet is AMOL, so no spoil me please. I was idiot enough to start from book one for the third time and I just cannot let myself skip to the last book until Ive completed them all again. I do have a plan for after I complete the last book however. After it is all over, I am going to use the D20 WOT book, the WOT Companion, and other resources to simulate a character Ive created through this fantastic fantasy world and then write about what happens. This character's journey will begin on the day that the Seanchen attack and capture Ebou Dar. I am wondering if there is a part of this forum that would be appropriate for me to copy and paste each chapter as I complete them. This way anyone who would be interested in reading it could do so and perhaps offer some feedback. I don't see myself actually starting this process until next year because Ive got a custom apparel business to run and three ornery kids. What do you guys think about this?
  3. That makes perfect sense to me. Thank you for your time.
  4. Before anyone answers this, please keep in mind that I have read every book except the last one. So please don't spill the beans on any details from AMOL. I am very currious about this question because I have searched the web for a long time this morning and I cannot find the answer. Does anyone know what color an Altaran Marriage Knife Sheath is when the Husband is still alive and they are happily married? Mahalo for your time, Ian
  5. Well, I do not know if it would be RP exactly, but I could throw some quick rules and modifiers together for WOT and perhaps simulate a character Ive had in my mind for a while. I think it would be more like telling a story rather than RP. The fun part about simulating a character and utilizing the hard core rule method is that you do not know if your character will survive or not.
  6. Mahalo nui loa Ryrin. I enjoy being a member already. I have browsed the RP forums and their different categories. I am sure all of us has imagined our own created characters and their story, passion, and struggle as the third age of the Wheel turns and parallel to events happening in the books. Perhaps I will cook something up for everyone soon down there. It will be fun.
  7. Aloha oukou, I must apologize because I entered this Forum kind of backwards. I spent time adding ideas to a Wheel of Time game before I introduced myself. In 2007 my wife purchased me The New Spring and the first three books of the Wheel of Time series. I was hooked and addicted from then on. I am quite convinced that this series, this saga is the best overall fantasy series ever written in the history of man-kind. I was never even interested in reading any books before I read The New Spring. Oddly enough I read the prequel first and I am glad I did. I got to experience the real time flow of events. I have read the series 2 and a half times. I made a horrible mistake. A short time before the last book came out, A Memory of Light, I started reading the whole series again. Then the last book came out and I refuse to buy it until I finish the whole series again. Call me stubborn, but I just can't skip all the way to the end without finishing them all the third time again. It wouldn't feel right. I am just starting book eight again, The Path of Daggers. This is when you know a series is very very good when I can't make myself put the other books down and skip to the last one. For me, no other series has so much wonderful detail without boring you to tears. Jordan could be taking me through an interesting scene with characters talking and slap in quick depictions of gold embroidered silk and crystal emerald eyes without having my mind hiccup or hesitate at all. Amazing. Most of the time I enjoy reading the non action scenes just as well as the combat and battle scenes. Robert Jordan and then Brandon Sanderson has successfully created such a wonderful fantasy world, that many times when I read I snap out of it for a second and realize that I actually forgot that I was reading. The conversations, actions, battles all seemed to be actually happening in my head. I really forgot I was reading. No other story has ever been able to do that with my mind. Before the Gathering Storm came out I had read all of the others and tried reading other series. Sorry Tolkien, I know LOTR is so called the best of all time, but you're not even close. The Dragon Lance series read like it was for eight year olds. The Sell Sword series by Forgotten Realms was iffy, mildly entertaining at times. Maybe it's like that for anyone and any first saga read, I don't know. This series actually inspired me to create my own fictional fantasy world. I first started designing it in 2007 after I finished The Knife of Dreams. I won't go into detail there because I was inspired by an author that uses tons and tons of details. Just a quick hint. Over 77 million square miles of real space. 45 nations. 7 languages. 6 races including humans. A World Map, and several zoomed in maps of different sections of continents and islands. A solar map to show how the light of both stars create the phases of the planet and it's moon all year around. A real time flow calendar system. Also unlimited possibilities in a sandbox so large you can create characters and simulate them through real time using the D20 system. And that is not even really scratching the surface. I have written a lot on this world as well. There is even a recourse and economic system with different minted coins and flat blocks similar to bullion called (planks). I have a wife, two kids, and starting up a business so who knows if I will be able to finish the rest of the books the third time and be ready for that last magical book. Maybe I just don't want the great story to end. Please no spoilers for me. I know everything except for A Memory of Light. Please check out my other ideas for what the PC game should be like in the pertaining other forum categories. I would appreciate your opinions and feedback. It is a pleasure to meet you all, Mahalo, Ian
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