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Yveva Watches Chick Flicks: Music and Lyrics


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So, I watched Music and Lyrics on Monday (ages ago, I know). It was a decent chick flick. From here on out I will rate chick flicks with the following system:


H: Honors

P: Pass

F: Fail


This one gets a P from me. It was good, it was cute, the preview didn't show you everything. It was actually funny, it was sweet. You could kinda believe the relationship between Drew and Hugh (ew! rhyme!) The best part was the opening 80s-esque music video, that song will be played at my wedding, it is decided (Shh Emp). So this is a classic example of a Pass movie. It't good, I would watch it again, I would thoroughly recommend it to friends and it makes you go "awwww."



For comparison, of the other chick flicks I've watched recently, "Catch and Release" gets an F and "The Holiday" is DEFINITELY Honors material. (Honors movies get added to the collection of ones I own).


So there you go.

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Bridget Jones' Diary gets an H+! :) About a Boy certainly gets an H, and Four Weddings probably does too (mainly because of when the scottish guy reads the poem).


Chick flicks that get an H are ones where the relationship between the two main characters is super believable. In Music and Lyrics the relationship is decent, but not quite as believable as in Bridget Jones' Diary :0 Hugh Grant isn't quite as Hugh Grant-y as usual, which is a good thing imho. If you go to a matinee it isn't a waste of your money, and it certainly will make a good rental.

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oh it SO is!! and there's a great DDR scene as well :)


Bridget Jones' Diary makes my life too. It's my comfort movie, whenever I feel down about life I watch it and feel much better by the end!

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It really is! I love that they fight like guys that don't particularly know how to fight :)


Also, did you read the Bridget Jones books? the first one is WAY wackier than the movie, and the second book is also supercrazy. The Edge of Reason wasn't particularly memorable to me and it wasn't particularly good really. But the first one was cinematic perfection :)


I'd superhighly recommend The Holiday if you haven't watched that yet. Any other chick flicks high on your list?

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Since I'm an official SNAG (Sensitive New-Age Guy), I feel it is perfectly appropriate for me to respond to this thread without worrying about sacrificing my masculinity.


*nods effeminantly*


Haven't seen Music and Lyrics, but like everyone else, I'm a big Hugh Grant fan. Love him!




Bridget Jones' Diary was great. I absolutely love the opening credits scene where she's singing "All By Myself", then at the crescendo ends up pointing toward the title of the movie. Really cool way to start the movie. I also really love Notting Hill. Classic Hugh Grant comedy.


Colin Firth is another favorite of mine (and my wife has always said that if Colin asks her to marry him, she's filing for divorce).

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Your wife has to get past me first!


Well I'm a big fan of Love Actually though I've watched it so many times I need a break! Notting Hill is brilliant. I was staying in Notting Hill last summer and I had a urge to climb into a private garden. I behaved though ;)


I'm also a big fan of Classic Novels made into films or TV series. Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice (But not the Knightley version because on the whole, it was rubbish), North and South and Jane Eyre. The TV adaptions are usually done by the BBC and they are just wonderful! Though not technically chick flicks *lol*

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind!


and yes, Notting Hill definitely gets an H :) As does When Harry met Sally and French Kiss, but now I'm blanking on Say Anything. Love Actually was a good one too, but there was something just not quite spot on about it. It gets a P+++ :) Though, I promised myself I wouldn't give plusses and minuses, so that means it gets an H. :) Good Will Hunting isn't quite a chick flick, but I still give it an H as well :P

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Guest Emperor

Say Anything-




I will stand outside your window and hold up the 80's boombox over my head to get your attention...


I gotta stop before I tear up

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I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that.


I love that movie.


And, of course, who hasn't cried at the end of "The Dirty Dozen"? Jim Brown was throwing these hand grenades down these airshafts. And Richard Jaeckel and Lee Marvin...


*begins to cry*


were sitting on top of this armored personnel carrier, dressed up like Nazis...




And Trini Lopez...He busted his neck while they were parachuting down behind the Nazi lines...




And Richard Jaeckel - at the beginning he had on this shiny helmet...


*looks around*


I lost some SNAG points with that, didn't I?




I don't suppose the fact that I stole it from a classic "chick flick" will change that, huh?

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and by "feelings" he means "soul"



I'd give You've got mail a P, a high P, but a P.



It's ok that you guys cry over stupid explosion movies. You've gotta let out those pent up emotions from When Harry Met Sally out somewhere.

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Exactly! they repress it until they can repress it no longer and then the pop in a "MANLY" movie so that no one can question it if they start bawling. "shh wifey, it's guy stuff, you wouldn't understand"

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