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Approved Freelanders [Aiel Guild] Bio for (Wetlander Gaishain) Sirene ni Malasere t’Rylan - CC'd by James


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DM Handle: Liitha

Character Name: Sirene ni Malasere t’Rylan

RP Group: Freelanders - Aiel Guild

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 150 pounds

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde


Special Features (Missing Limbs, Scars and such): Scar through her left eyebrow. With the best care it has grown into a thin streak that only adds to her beauty.


Weapon of Choice : Katana


Secondary Weapon: Long Bow


Tertiary Weapon : Throwing knives


Sirene sat listening to her parents discussion, her mother was objecting to her father Zavron's plans. "She is too young." They where talking about the horse her father had given to her as a gift for her birthday a couple of days ago. Freia heard her father's booming voice as he looked up, "She is five years old now and futhermore this is not..."

A servant walked past and she had to draw further under the table to not be seen, missing part of the sentence. "..she is the heir to our House. She both should and will be raised to meet the challenge of being such.." The servant came back, returning to wherever he had come from. "..she will have to make a union with the Malasere family some day to keep order in line, and they are not known to breed meek warriors..." another servant walked past. "She will need to be at least a strong willed Saldaean woman to her fingertips, its time to start preparing her. Her blood will not leave her the option to be a spoiled brat. She will take the lessons and that's that."


Sirene smiled. She hadn't understood much of the conversation, but what she did understand was that she would get to ride the mare her father had bought and not just a pony like many other kids she had seen when first learning to ride. This thrilled her and as soon as she thought it safe she crabbed forth from the table and ran down to the stable to admire the beast she soon would be riding.



Sirene was thrilled with all the new lessons she was having, she had never liked the things her mother tried to teach her like knitting and such. She preferred the riding lessons and as of late she had also started to learn about weapons. At the moment she was learning to use throwing knives and her target was a straw dummy. Her teacher corrected her and then let go of her hand so she could give it a new try.




Sirene was bored, she was riding through the city with her father, her mother was home sick and there was a reason for this ride. Her father wanted to show his face in public to reassure the people that their house was not as weakened as the rumours said. Sirene stroked the neck of the mare, the beast was a fine animal who her father had bought to her two years ago to learn to ride on. She and the horse had been inseperable since. However, on this lovely day she would have prepared to ride with the wind on the plains outside the city instead of through the dusty gates.


When they finaly got back to the castle a servant was awaiting them, and from the look on the mans face she had a feeling there would be no more riding this day. The servant talked to her father quietly. Her father nodded then came over and lifted Sirene out of the sadle, then lead her to her mothers quarters. Though nothing was said she understood that her mother was on her last. And before the sun set that evening her mother drew her last breath.




Sirene was crawling along in the attic, her nanny who she thought she was getting to old would have had spasm if she knew she was up here crawling in the dust. But Sirene found it fasinating to investigate all the  old things that where up here, now however she was wiping away dust from what seemed to be a hatch in the floor. She sneezed as some dust came into her nose but continued on trying to open the hatch. Finally it seemed to move though she was not sure what she did. Then as she moved she heard a pop and she saw a tiny stone in the floor move up till it came equal to the rest of the floor. It was where her heal had been a moment ago. Sirene smiled so this one you had to press down the stone while draging in it. She lifted the hatch off and placed by the side of the hole apearing in the floor. She then slid down into the hole and was soon crawling along. It amazed her that no spiders were down here, though that only meant this had been sealed off so long that no life had survived and there was no way to get in unless you knew of an entrance, because she doubted anyone would clean in here. She had never heard of this passage and as such it must have been one not in use. Soon she heard voices and than saw some ligthspots in the wall. When she got there she saw that they were coloured glass, two tiny ones. She looked through them and realised it must be the eyes of one of the figures on the wall painting in the dinner hall because she was watching the servants arranging todays dinner table.


Sirene walked on and and soon found more of the holes here and there, once she had been walking a bit she found a system in it all and figured the passage went around the mansion in every outerwall as well as the walls connected. Some places she had to crawl but mostly the corridor was high enough that an adult could walk raised in there which meant she had no problem walking it. After a long time she realised she better go back, though by now she had also found several small hatches around in strategic places, only thing was to figure out how they worked because they didn't seem to have the same mechanism as the one in the attic. As she crawled through the hatch in the attic she knew she would need to change before dinner. But first she placed the hatch back in place then she took dust from the piles she had made and threw it over before lifting the chest she had found it under back in place. Now no one would find it and she would be the only one who knew of it, it would be her secret and she could spy on the servants now when she was bored. Only she would try and figure out how to work the hatch she had figured was in her own room to enter.



Sirene scowled at the maids who where dressing her up. They where telling her to stop acting like a child and act like the eleven year old she was. But the fact was that her scowl came from the reason she was far from viewing this situation as a child, if she had she would have been thrilled over getting to attend the festivities that would follow the wedding. Now, however, she would rather have been going to a history class than go to this wedding. The new wife her father was taking didn't like Sirene, though the woman was careful not to show that in public, especially infront of her father. Sirene couldn't understand that her father could be so blind as to not see what a conniving witch he was about to marry.


However she was wise enough to see that his love had blinded him and she was not going to help the woman drive a split between Sirene and her father by trying to tell him how his wife to be really was. In fact Sirene wasn't positively sure the woman wasn't a servant of the dark one himself and such had taken to calling her lady evil in her mind. Sirene was all to well aware the woman would like nothing more than to dispatch Sirene so she could set a son of her own as the ruler of their house and futher rise in position from the low noble house she came from. But Sirene had no intentions of leting go of anything that rigthfully belonged to her however many half siblings the woman managed to produce for her. So the woman would have to be satisfied with what she got today.


Annoyed, Sirene brushed her servants away and let her hair fall down again. In doing so she made the perfect frame for her face, as well as looking almost like an exact copy of her once beautiful mother. She knew lady evil would hate it, she always did as it reminded her of that she was not the Lord's first wife and could never in appearance compete with her dead cairhien mother, not in wits either Sirene thought even though she was sure that lady evil thought she could. But most of all she did it because she knew her father loved seeing her so and remeber his dearly beloved wife, and that would be Sirenes last stick to lady evil. Oh well, she would get the Lord today and become the Lady but the Lord's thoughts would not be solemnly concentrated on her but shared with the thoughts on the old Lady. Sirene smiled then got up to atend the wedding.


As soon as she could however she excused herself and said she went to bed being tired, the truth however was that as soon as she came into her room she changed and hurried outside through the passage. She would sneak up to the hayloft in the stable and practice with her katana, she had just started taking lessons and swallowed her classes raw. She could only hope her stepmother wouldn't find it not suitable for her, on the other side her father had stood against her mother on this subject all those years ago and Sirene felt fairly sure he would now too. She had her eyes on the longbow as well but her teacher had told her she would have to wait till she was 15 at least, before that she wouldn be tall enough to effectivly use it, meanwhile he had promised her he would teach her the basics with a shorter bow.




Sirene stood watching with a fake smile on her face, some of the lady's relatives were visiting. They all stood chitchatting over the child they came to see, the girl who was Sirenes first sibling, though she wasn't too sure there wouldn't be more. Her stepmother wanted a son, though at the moment you couldn't see the disappointment on the womans face while she sat there claiming that the girl was full of similarities to her family in appearance. Sirene knew it to not be true, the baby had more familiarities to her family, it had their blue eyes, but no appearantly the lady's grandmother had blue eyes even though Sirene had studied the lady's family on the lady's request and knew them down to the fingertips, and the books said they had green and brown eyes as far back as it was found record on it.


Sirene had also heard the adult servant whispering in the corners when the lady couldn't hear them about other traits of their family. She wondered how the lady would explain it when the girl grew of age and the traits became clearer, how would she then excuse herself when she told the girl was looking like her family. Pathetic, Sirene thought, the woman had not a bone of gratitude, she should have been proud to have produced a daughter who was so clearly of their blood, and happy that she ever got the chance to be raised to the family herself. Finally it grew close to history class time so she could excuse herself and leave, and with her stepmother so busy with her family she hardly thought twice on Sirene's excuse just simply waved her off.



Sirene sat in her room awaiting her chamber maid, she had told the woman she wanted to know within minutes after the birth what sex her new sibling was. Oh as she hoped it would be a girl to her stepmothers disapointment, she knew the woman wanted a son more than anything. Sirene smiled however luck had not been with the woman so far and even though she breed like a rabbit and had already given Sirene two siblings both had been girls. Though it didnt matter in the end the woman was decided to get one of her offsprings as ruler of the house be it boy or girl, that Sirene was sure of. The room door flew up and Sirene needed only to look at the maids face that her stepmother had finally gotten the son she had longed for. With that there were more than Sirene who where at danger, also her sisters who where older than the now newborn son would be in the way of the new son to get to the house seat. And however much she hated Lady evil the girls was also the offspring of her father, cause Sirene was sure in her case the woman had not been cheating on her father.


She was already on her way to dismiss her maid when she realised the woman seemed to have more to say. As the maid laid out the information Sirene couldn't have been more satisfied to hear that the birth had included complications and the lady wouldnt likely get more children. She dismissed the maid and set to work on finding a way to reassure herself that her sisters would be safe. Ending up with attending her father saying she heard rumours that the lady was weak and perhaps to place the girls with foster mothers to take care of them till the lady had gotten her health back. Her father who was busy had waved her away with doing as she saw fit, of course through her spies she heard her stepmother had been furious upon hearing it. Well she should have been careful of dismissing the daughter so fast, the one thing Sirene had learned from her mother was the importance of the great game, and though losing her early she had had a teacher as well as reading up on her mother's nation and the game itself.


And all in all Sirene was sure the woman soon would be to busy trying to plot to care much and that the girls would end up staying where she had placed them, in a low noble house without kids and that they would be safe there for now. As well they wouldn't be corupted by the lady but raised loyal to their house which was an advantage as good as could get in her game against the lady evil.



Sirene was admiring the landscape they rode through, her father had been too busy to come and lady Galina had claimed she could not put the baby through the risk and didn't want to leave him alone. The truth more like it was that the baby Searic had turned one year, but her stephmother just needed an excuse to not go. Besides not liking to travel, Sirene had a suspicion she didnt want to come see her daughters because she then would have to acknowledge how much they took after their father and not her as she still claimed. Sirene was certain this would be the reason, because she had no doubt her sisters actually took after their father, and good luck was what she thought. Futhermore, her stepmother was a fool, but all the better. This way Sirene could work with binding the girls to her in peace and without interference.


Suddenly one of the soldiers rode up by her side and announced that the manor would be right over the next hill, Sirene nodded and then signaled to speed up before seting her horse into a trot. When she entered had entered through the gate someone immediatly stepped forth to take her beast, while another waved for her to follow. She was greeted by the family in their libary, the girls now two, Zarine, and three, Tasira, years old sat playing on the floor. After having talked to her hosts a while she was introduced to the girls. They was fascinated with her long hair and she let them play with it, her hosts left quietly leaving her alone with the girls to get to know them. Sirene was happy they were out of reach but it saddened her she couldn't be more in touch with them as they were truly magnificent girls. As it grew late the servants came to get the youngest first and then the oldest to put them in bed, by then she already gained their trust enough to get a hug from them and it warmed her heart to see them caried out waving at her the oldest saying ”na na” Sirene smiled and responded “night night.” . She would travel before they got up next day and had to talk some more of arrangements for the girls so she got up to search for her hosts so she could get to bed as soon as posible, she had more stops on her trip before going back.




Sirene was watching her brother ride out together with his appointed teacher, a young soldier which had proven to be skilled enough in riding. The lady had tried to lay forth the same protest that her own mother had once upon a time, but luckily on this subject her father had stood his ground. The boy was six and would learn to ride. She would need to use this time wicsly to draw the boy to her, his mother was always around normally but not in this as she wouldn't lower herself to ride on a horse and wagons wouldn't go where the training was to be. Sirene spurred her beast into action till she reached the couple. She soon made a deal with the soldier, he got the day off if he came back to return with the boy and didn't tell anyone.


Sirene smiled to her brother, this was his fourth lesson so she knew by now he could ride some. She suggested they go on an adventure in the forest to hunt the dark ones minions, the boy was happy to do so. The minion ended up beeing a unfortunate rabbit who fell to one of Sirenes throwing knives. When it was time to return she coatched the boy on how this would be their secret and if his mother didnt get to know Sirene would come more times. With the strict limits his mother sat who left little fun he happily agreed to that before he rode off with the soldier to return to the closed life his mother made for him.


She thanked the creator her stepmother made things so easy for her, Sirene now had regular contact with her sisters who had learned to write and she paid them visits as often she could. They where very precocious and  eager to tell her about what they where occupied with, and she was happy to see to that whatever activities they wanted were sponsored by the Lord.




Sirene was crying into the mane of her mare, she had riden into the forest to be alone while doing this, well knowing it would be the only time she cried over her father. The physicians had said it was a heart attack, but Sirene didnt belive it as her guts told her that the lady had been responsible. Her father had been a strong man in good health, it was not logical that his heart has failed, it was too much of a coincidence. No, the fact was that it fitted the lady to dispatch of him now, because if she managed to dispatch her daughters along with herself now then she could put the thirteen year old son up as a new Lord. And with his young age that meant the lady would get to rule to her advantage for many years before Sirene s brother came of age. Sirene had already sent word to the noble house where her sister was as well as some well trusted soldier she knew were loyal to her. She could only hope she had been acting fast enough to save them, because had no doubt the lady was now plotting as fast as her lowly brain could work. Sirene however was not the young innocent woman her stepmother thought and hadn't been totally unprepared for something like this to happen.





Sirene was back in her room, she had replaced the normal guards with guards she knew was trustworthy. She looked on the note on her desk containing three names. It was the three most strategic bacholors of the Malasere family. Looking on it reminded her of the first time she could remember hearing what Her father thougth would be necessary. She had been five and was hiding under a table listening to her parents discussing whether or not she was old enough to take riding lessons and whether or not it should be on a pony or on a horse.


Sirene looked at the names again trying to remember every bit of info she might have on them. The first was rumoured to be a lazy player, the last thing she wanted was bastard children poping up here and there. The second one she had actualy met some years ago and he had reminded her awfully of her stepmother. Thet would leave the third one, she knew he was the youngest but otherwise not much, she had tried to hastily find rumours on him who could tell her something about him, but it had proven futile.


If she had better time she would have invited him to her audience, however she was sure that time was of essence, her lady stepmother would be sure to get her out of the way, maybe even by aranging her a marriage making it impossible to take the house.


Her options where minimised in such case, these where the only three bachelors of the Malasere family who where of age. And since she had ruled out the two first there was really nothing to hesitate with. Sirene sat down to write hurriedly. After two hours and several drafts she was finaly satisfied with the letter she had made that proposed an engagement.



To Brander Malasere


It has always laid in the cards that there would be a union between our families. It saddens me to write about this under these conditions but my father passed away a few hours ago, one hour after sunset. Under normal conditions, agreements and discussion should have been made, But it is my belief that Lady Galinda will try to put my younger brother on the houseseat so she herself can rule through him. Your family and their allies have always been supportive of the Rylans and I hope that your family will keep supporting me. Futhermore I humbly suggest an engagement between myself and you my lord, to seal the friendship of our families.



Lady of Rylan.



There would be no way to hold a proper wedding before the claims and as such a wedding was needed to bring landlords together in one big meeting to swear to her as they had to her father. So for now an engagement would have to do till after the claims had been made. And it would have to be enough, as long as the family believed she would stick to her word as she intended to they would back her and so would their allies. She needed that even though she had already worked up some support through the years within the Rylan.


This was a political game and she had been wise enough to prepare even if it at times meant going behind the back of her father she was much more prepared than she thought her stepmother was. Secretly she had been in touch with the family of her mother. Her mother had been a lesser noble who had fled Cairhien as a young girl on the advice of her parents to get safe from Aiel, and she had gained an ally in them too, one who had helped her play the game even better. Sirene smiled to herself, everything had worked out perfectly and she was quite positive that the lady would not know what hit her. She had also made plans on how to get her brother away from his mother to stop the corruption of him, it would be her final stroke against the soon to be former lady that all her children became loyal supporters of their older sister. She was sending the lady back where she belonged amongst the lower nobility, though Sirene wished she could have gone even futher and driven the woman into the slum for the treatment she had seen fit to give Sirene as soon as they were alone.


Sirene despised the woman and saw her unfit to be a mother not to mention a lady. However, she was not going to make the mistake of letting her feelings get in the way of recognising how dangerous the woman was. As such she put her note over the candle, she would not leave it to be found by any of the ladys spies so her stepmother could figure out that she had underestimated Sirene. Then she went outside and up into the tower that was not in use, inside she had a single cage with three pigeons. They were trained to fly to a shack outside the city walls hidden away in the forest. One of her trusted messengers would be awaiting any pigeon to arrive and see to it that the note was caried in urgency and in secret to her hopefully future husband. She drew up her hood again on the dark cloak she was wearing and snuck inside back to her rooms through the secret passage she had discovered as a child, and such avoiding the spying eyes of the maids the lady had just "coincidentally" set to dust of the halls outside her rooms.


As she entered the room she was greated by the wolfdogs she and her Father used when hunting, large beasts who normaly slept in the dining room. Sirene had taken them to her room under the excuse of them reminding her of good times with her father. Though it was true it wasn't the real reason, the fact was the dogs would alert her if anyone tried to sneak into her room. She trusted the guards at her door bu that didn't mean someone couldn't see to it they were dispatched.




Her husband dead in a battle against raiding Trollocs, and her stepmother again plotting. Her allies looked at her stubbornly. She liked little the notion of doing what they thought she should. But both her sisters where married off well, and only she was in the way. Yet she was the one who knew the game best, and now they wanted to pack her off to safety while dealing with things. And not even just putting her out in the country but sending her to Cairhien and her family there, no she was not sure of this at all, however she was losing ground. And she could not afford to loose them, for all her capability now suddenly they saw her as a woman in danger. She looked to her uncle and knew her answer, there was no option, just a small trip to her mother's family while grieving her husband safely. That would be the excuse, and come morning she found herself on a horseback with a sound escort.




There were disturbing rumours of what was happening in the world, they heard them ever since they left borderland territory. Too much didn't reach them up there, or got put out of mind between other more important issues. Even rumors of Aiel on this side of the spine again. They moved too quickly and didn't stay in any one place long enough to learn anything. Now that she was on her way she looked forward to meeting her family, some relatives she never met before at all in some cases. They were a day into Cairhien when everything was turned on its head. Her escort murdered and she had found herself bundled up and carried away. She looked at the woman tending her wounds from the figthing she had tried putting up, listened to how the Aiel made them gai’shan.


And suddenly she tossed her head back laughing from the irony. Her mother had fled Cairhien to safety during the Aiel war, fallen in love with her father who was a young lord. Now she had fled Saldaea for safety from her stepmother and back to Cairhien to become an Aiel prisoner, a circle closed. The other woman looked at her as if she was mad, but Sirene couldnt stop laughing.

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no becomes an aiel one cause of it beeing an gai'shan and no intention to ever leave the aiel permiter again as is ;)


its like with the aes sedai who retire into the kin


or warders who leave their uniform behind and go to CoL

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