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Approved Aiel Bio for Caliendhra


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Bio for Caliendhra of the Jumai Sept of the Taardad Aiel

Group: Aiel

Age: 24

Height: 5ft 11

Weight: 165lbs

Hair: Reddish Blonde

Eyes: Green

Weapon of choice: Spear primarily, then belt knife, then horn bow.

Talents: N/A




She ran a dusty hand across her eyes, scrubbing sweat for the corners and leaving a faint smear of dust over the bridge of her nose. The arid landscape stretched out for miles in front of her and for miles behind

her if she turned around. Caliendhra realised she was a long way from the rest of the scouting party of her fellow Far Dareis Mai looking for water and a potential new hold for the expansion of their current one. Her veil hung limply to one side of her face, the cadin’sor a part of her making the tall reddish blonde haired woman blend into the landscape, nigh detectable

to any eye. Invisibility was something she had worked on since her early childhood, along with training in all of the other disciplines. Nothing moved out in the dry landscape before her but she thought she saw something out there…should she go back and get her fellow Maidens of the Spear or should she go down there and investigate it further? A blonde head

peering out from a rocky outcrop gave her the answer that the rest of her party was trailing behind her and had seen the same thing that Caliendhra had. A small

pool glinted in the hot, bright sunshine near to the reddish stone of an overhanging cliff. It seemed to be perfect – defensible, a water supply with some natural caves and some plains in front of it that would be good for goats or crops. The blonde head appeared next to her along with the rest of her fellow Far Dareis Mai.


“What do you think, Caliendhra? Is it what the Wise Ones had in mind?”


Jarani asked. She was taller than Caliendhra was with bright blonde hair but her figure was as lean as a rake, making her seem like a short, skinny man rather than a woman. Considering her own tall appearance, Caliendhra might be shorter than Jarani, but her muscles were well developed and she had

retained some of her curves inherited from her mother. Both of her sisters had the same build as her: one had been apprenticed to the Wise Ones years ago; the other had followed the same path as Caliendhra in becoming a

Maiden of the Spear. Their mother and father had been so proud of them.


“It must be what the Wise Ones seek. Some of us should remain here and hold this place until more people arrive, the rest of our party should return to the hold and report our findings and get people to come to this place.”


She ran a hand back over her eyes, unusually irritated for some reason. It would be good to rest them.


“I will stay here and start a camp in one of those caves with some of the others – you should go back to the Wise Ones and let them know. ”


Caliendhra nodded her assent. It had been a great honour to be assigned such an important mission as this and Jarani had been asked personally to take part, as had all of the members. Making the gestures

of Maiden hand-talk to the rest of the party, four other Maidens came forward: two would remain with Jarani whilst the other two would accompany



“We will wait for you to return.”


She told them, before the three of them made their way to the pool of water and refilled their water skins and started the trek back.


The camp to which they had made their way back was not far. The stout canvas tents loomed on the horizon after a few hours travelling for Caliendhra and her two fellow Maidens. It had given her a long time to think – she had been dwelling on her childhood for a few days now as she was starting to think she had seen someone to make a bridal wreath for. Her mother had been a weaver, a modest one but good who had married a blacksmith. Rhin was reputed to be one of the best blacksmiths in the whole of the Jumai sept, making

weapons and everyday mundane items with equal skill. Caliendhra was the eldest daughter of theirs: her two sisters Chiella who was now an apprentice Wise One and Dorna who was another Maiden. Caliendhra used to train

with her sisters, pretending to be Maidens when they were not doing chores as little girls and every spare moment spent practicing with hand to hand fighting

practice and learning how to use her belt knife. At sixteen she joined the Far Dareis Mai to the approval of Rhin and her mother Daali and continued her training in a setting where she could put her focussed mind to a good use. Her mind and her training before with her sisters had stood her in good stead and she had wed the spear, cutting her hair apart from the short tail worn at the nape of the neck. Her Spear-Sisters had told her that it suited her better short, something that Caliendhra readily agreed with. Eight years ago already, she reflected as the small party made their way back to the tents, striding along unaffected by the baking sun beating down on the hard

packed ground and eyes constantly scouting everywhere for those who would wish to dance the spears. Caliendhra slipped back into her musings of her initial training and how she had trained for hours everyday practising with the spear, more with the bow and the knife she wore at her belt as well as the running which she enjoyed. Of all the training she had had to do, she enjoyed running the most. Her spear-sisters became her new family; a close-knit group, which Caliendhra appreciated given the ccasional bout of missing her family – she knew her fellow sisters would be there for her just as they would rely on her.


Still, in her eight years as Far Dareis Mai, Caliendhra had never been chosen to lead a scouting party. Second more times than she could count, she

wondered if she would ever be good enough to lead and eventually the ambition to lead had died down, being content with what she had. She still continued to practice daily with the spear, further developing the

muscles that would allow her to be a better fighter and building up her strength and after her twentieth year, Caliendhra started to concentrate on her stealth

and agility even as she continued to build up her strength. Hoping that having skills in all areas she tried improving her skills with everything in the hope of leading a party, but still she was denied the opportunity. She was far from bitter about it – it was one of those things that would happen or not eventually. No man had caught her eye, her spear was her lover, but Caliendhra had been wondering lately whether or not she should pursue the man she had been attracted to and who shared her feelings. She did not

feel ready to give up the spear though. Not yet.


This is my bio, this is Winter Mist/Lara Luvitt/Claire

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