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Hello Everybody!

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I am ThePowerOfSaidin, and i am new to Dragonmount!, I am on book 3, The Dragon Reborn, but i can honestly say that my favorite book was the Great Hunt. I Had heard about the series many years previously before i read it. i bought the first three about 2 months ago, and i never looked back! This series makes almost all other fantasy series pale in comparison! I has been great, and i only just discovered this website and all the amazing people here! I look forward to posting and chatting about WoT on this website!! 


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Hi ! Welcome to DM ! :biggrin:


Do not hesitate to have a look in our different boards : there's a RP and a Social community, and a lot of other places that may interest you.


Be careful about the spoilers though ! (even if most of the time they are quite hidden :wink:)



And feel free to ask us any question you may have !

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Will do lol !


i may a bit slow on it ... coz i am a bit tired but i'll have a try tomorrow morning i promise :biggrin:


so, Rand is your fav character so far ?

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*scratches head* well i have to be careful not to spoil anything lol

but in the beginning i liked Lan and Perrin a lot!


Min is a nice female character, she's so different from the others that i liked to read about what happened to her :)

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