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Approved WK Bio - Koramena Candarr (CC Please)


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Koramena (Pronounced: Kor Mee-na)Candarr


Physical Description: Cairhienin, small and petite, yet a tad taller than her twin Katrina, with dark honey colored hair, and hazel eyes.Each daughter has the same small pointy and defined nose. Koramena is beautiful in appearance and moves with the graceful carriage of a nobles daughter. She stands at 5’ 5" and a half in height, weighing in at about 121 lbs, she has a small athletic build but very tone for all of her horseback riding. She has 4 piercings in each ear and always loves to wear dangling earrings. She has no other physical markings other than a few freckles.


Place of Birth/Raising: Cairhien


Character History: (Max of a page; should include any major events in the character's life prior to joining the Division, as well as any significant RPs since)

Koramena Candarr had a normal childhood and grew up in the minor noble house of Candarr in Cairhien, the capital city was her home. She is the twin of Katrina Candarr, born 10 minutes after her older sister, then having two more, younger sisters.

Her mother had been unable to bear any more children after the birth of her youngest sister Korrena. She had a normal childhood and with her sisters was reared on how to take the high seat of her house, only if in the event that Katrina had died. Being a twin to Katrina was a lonely time as her sister seemed withdrawn. Koramena was a loving and smart girl and unlike her twin, made friends easily, in which it difficult to leave all her friends when she departed. Her sister, Katrina became engaged to a man named Flinnar Dobar and secretly loved him. She felt heartache like no other, but because her sister was eldest and he loved her, she did not make it known. A jealousy began to grow in her, though she loved her sister dearly.

While Koramena rode her favorite Stallion, she was suddenly overcome with flashes of vague, misty movements in her head. Dizzy from the effects she fell from her horse. She could hear faint howling begin as it echoed in her head and it frightened her. If she were only with her sister, she would not be so afraid. The events continued at odd times and her dreams were more vivid, as she would run with wolves... but she was never afraid.


Koramena so much wanted to confide in her twin but she noticed signs of her withdrawing even more. She wondered.... Especially when her sister left their home with what seemed her entire belongings, blowing a kiss to her from below. Koramena had been looking at the dawn searching for answers to the strangeness of her life. It was a goodbye to Koramena she was offering and it was too late to do anything else, as Katrina scurried out of the compound.


One twilight morning when she woke she had the taste of blood in her mouth and rush to the mirror to see if there was something wrong. She stood stock still as she gazed into a pair of golden eyes. She had the urge to turn and look behind her for someone there with golden eyes. But there was no mistake. She knew what kind of horror this would bring to her family and the shunning from the towns folks... she would be outcast.


Slowly she gathered her things, including two changes of shifts and two dresses, under things, her stout shoes and heavy velvet blue cloak and from under the mattress, pulled out a three bags of gold crowns she had been collecting to buy her father a birthday gift when the time came. It would instead come in very handy for her to leave. She was would never be able to face her friends, relatives... it pained her to leave her family. She left before the sun had fully risen. Tear streaming down her cheeks as she made it to the outskirts of Cairhien. She would have to buy provisions, somehow.


By the time she had reached the next town the sun was at its zenith. She found a young, street urchin boy who after a few minutes of shock, looking into her eyes did her bidding, with a payment of a gold crown. Within an hour the boy came back lugging the items she had told him to get.

He brought a large round cheese, some fresh bread some apples, a medium sized carving knife, sewing kit, fair amount of coiled rope, a sealed bag of mixed herbs, and finally a blanket. She would just have to make due.


She made her way past the small town, always having her hood up to hide her eyes. Her thoughts moved a mile a minute with no answers and more quesions. She felt that she needed to stay away from any towns or Inns and would have to stay in the woods. It would be hard on her since this was not the lady like ways her she was schooled on. She was afraid but her father had told her of some of his hunting days and about the WayWard pines; that they were "a shelter in themselves" and his descriptions were always to detailed. She cried again thinking about her Father and family. Her tear would come frequently, she was afraid.


She began to walk further and further from the road until she skirted it within the tree line. She kept her eyes busy looking this way and that for the wayward pines. But her attention was slowly being replace by smells of the forest as they invaded her nose, with such intensity that she began to sneeze. What was that horrid smell? So rancid and .... then, she saw it. A two day old carcass, lying there. Meat still hanging from its ribs and flies buzzing by the thousands. But instead of moving away from it she advanced towards it. Surprise by when she felt drool moving down her chin. She turned and ran away from the carcass wondering why she felt this way... why that carcass was more pleasing than sickening.


She slowed but still kept her pace high as the sun began to ride low into the trees. She knew that she must, no matter what, be out of the forest before night fall before the predators came out. Suddenly she was seeing the gray misty fog in her head, the sounds of running footpads and panting. It was nearly in her ears and she stumbled to her knees. There was growling and she turned to see but could only see the graying mist, she could smell the wet coat of an animal and she was frightened. After a few minutes, the dreamlike state was gone and directly in front of her was the most enormous wayward pine. She looked about her and could not see anything in the failing light. She scrambled into the pine, crossing through many spider webs that gave her the chills. She waited for animal sounds and could only hear a Hoot Owl calling to its mate as another hoot answered. She rummaged through the goods stored in a huge knapsack the boy had gotten for her, and tore off a quarter of the bread and a chunk of the cheese. She began to hum a lullaby that her mother used to sing to her when she was a little girl. Again tears traced down her face. The night was darker than she ever remembered. She lay her head down on the knapsack and listened. What she heard amazed her. She could hear a mouse tunneling through the undergrowth. A beetle scampering up the next tree and she could hear the beating of the owls wings as it flew to meet its mate. In awe she shook her head slowly... what was happening to her??


Then a new noise... something was out there.

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