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Frolicking In The Snow (attn: Sana and Cairma)


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OOC: Continued from The Warder's Yard Forums: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=323529#323529


After collecting their gear, Fior and Sahra made their way towards the wall that surrounded the Tower and the Yards. They had decided to go on foot since it would be easier to sneak out, and back in. Waiting for the change in the guard didn't take long, and, as the shifts were changing, the two of them slipped out a small side gate that was momentarily unwatched.


Making their way down through the streets of Tar Valon, Sahra lead the way to the orphanage where she had grown up. Asking Fior to wait outside for a moment she headed in and, a few moments later, returned with a second pair of skates large enough to fit Fior's feet. Smiling he tied them to his pack and they continued to make their way out of the city.


Leaving the city took little more than a half an hour. Once they made it past the city gates though their speed was cut by the massive drifts all around. Even with this hindrance, however, it took them only a few hours to traverse the distance between the city and the lake. Fior stopped, cresting a large rise, to stare in wonder at the magnificent sight below him.


A copse of firs stood several hundred yards off, their persistently green foliage contrasted sharply by the pure white of the snow they strained to hold up. The sun glinted enticingly off of the frozen surface of the lake, More of a pond really, that sat next to the trees. Turning and smiling broadly at Sahra, he said exuberantly, "I'm famished, so how about we make this a little more interesting? The first one to make it to the copse gets to relax while the other prepares lunch?" Without waiting for a reply he leapt from where he stood and hit the ground with his hands first, followed by his right shoulder as he tucked his body in and began to roll downhill, picking up momentum as he went. Within a matter of seconds he was at the bottom of the hill and springing upright to continue forwards with an awkward sort of leaping run through the heavy drifts.


Fior Canain

Trainee and Roommate to Sahra Covenry

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The two young redheads enjoyed the beautiful wintery vista and Sahra returned Fior's catching grin. What happened next took her by surprise and was no fair. Fior got quite a lead by his sudden announcement of a race, but Sahra wasn't one to drop out of a game even if she was a bit on the loosing side. Doing a somersault in the air as she dropped her weight down she rolled over her shoulder like Sana had shown her in the beginning when they had practiced basic movements. She too rolled down the slope in a controlled way changing each time the shoulder. Fior's larger bodymass gave him the advantage on that part but on the snow he was heavier and she began to catch on him. The distance just wasn't long enough for her to get the head and she pouted slightly, not because she minded doing the lunch but because she had lost. She got over it quick enough and they helped each others to brush off the snow on their clothes. They both wore heavy fur jackets that didn't get wet easily but you just couldn't be careful enough. Pinching Fior's cold reddened cheeks Sahra announced that it was time for the warming up again. They had already done it a few times while walking so Fior bent slightly to give her a better reach and Sahra pressed her lips on his cheeks and all over his face. As northerners they both knew that breathing on the other's face just wouldn't do the trick since breath was moist and would freeze. Luckily it wasn't biting enough for it to freeze right away but still no use taking the risk. And besides, this was much more pleasent way.


It took her a while to cover his whole face and in the end he pointed to his lips and complained that she had forgotten one spot. Her reply was a swift smack with her fur mitten but her smile showed that she hadn't been really serious either. Then it was his turn to warm her skin.

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Fior chuckled as she slapped him with her mitten. He hadn't actually been serious anyhow. Her insistance on using their lips had made him grin at first, as he had been taught to use mittens growing up. Nevertheless, it did seem to work better, whether or not she had known that before suggesting it was the real question. Before he started his turn he looked at her for a moment. Two years ago when they had first met he had found her attractive, but as they had settled in as roommates he had decided that friendship was probably the wisest choice and had never acted on that attraction. For two years he had looked at her as a sister, but today, under the afternoon sun, surrounded by the purest snow, he began to see her in a different light. Pushing those thoughts aside though, he proceeded to rub his lips on her face and finished with the tip of her nose.


Setting down his carry sack he began to take the two large fur blankets that they had brought with them out and, clearing a wide swath of snow, laid them down so that they could enjoy their lunch. Flopping down onto the blankets he looked up at his emerald eyed roommate and grinned. "So when will lunch be ready?"

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Sahra had always enjoyed it when someone touched her face. As a child she had many times sat with her head on Emma's lap while the woman stroke her face gently. It sometimes did spark some kind of a faint memory that felt like a dream of a dream and she guessed that maybe her mother had done that to her. She had been only two when Mavra Covenry had died so she didn't have any clear recollection of her. Focusing on the present she closed her eyes with pleasure as Fior's warm breath ran over her skin and sent a shiver down her spine. He was such a great friend and they had become close after sharing a room and life for two years. There was always a different dynamic in a friendship between a woman and a man because of the potential for romance but even if Sahra flirted a bit and bantered with the other male Trainees too, it wasn't still quite the same than with Fior. She couldn't put her finger at it exactly and didn't even want to try too hard. They had a great relationship as it was and she feared anything else would complicate things too much. She didn't want things to sour between her and Fior. Ever.


She helped Fior to lay down the other blanket and sat down beside him. "Har har, Fior. It will be ready when it's ready. We had something more important to do first." She took the other sack and pulled out the food and sheathed kitchen knife Fior had arranged for them. It was just simple dark bread, cheese and ham but it was crowned by a bottle of quite chilly white wine. Sahra gave him a surprised and appreciative look and tried to perform a deep sitting curtsey. "I am impressed." She grinned and began to rummage through the sack but there was no corkscrew. They would just have to use the knife for that. First she cut them generous slides of the bread and toppings and handed Fior his sandwiches.


She carved out the cork and tried to not drop any bits to the wine but as she took the first mouthful, she caught a few and had to spit them out. Maybe one full bottle was a bit excessive for just the two of them. Sahra had worked in an inn for a year and seen alot of drunken people who had behaved quite stupidly. She didn't want to loose control of herself in such a way so she avoided getting wasted. As a woman she didn't have quite as good alcohol tolerance as the male Trainees and since she didn't practice her carousing skills, she got tipsy fairly quickly. But she could have fun even without the alcohol unlike many of the other Trainees and even Tower Guards. Today few sips would do no harm and she fully enjoyed the food, the good company and the... views.

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Taking a bite out of the sandwich she handed him he chuckled as she struggled to get the cork out. The wine had been a last minute addition to the pack. He had seen it as he was purchasing supplies for their trip and thought it would make a pleasant addition to the day. Judging by the look on her face, he had been right.


Sahra eyed the snow covered lake and realized what had been bothering her. The ice was not visible, it was all covered and they would have to do a bit of cleaning to be able to skate. She groaned at her stupidity. Of course in the middle of the nature no one was doing that for them unlike in the Ogier Grove's pond that was a popular spot. The last time she had been here the staff of the orphanage had shoveled the ice clean but now they had no equipment of the kind with them. She left her half-eaten sandwich and rose to test how thick the snow was. Her thumb met ice and as she wiped snow away with her mitten, smooth surface was revealed. She smiled with relief and turned her face to Fior who had been watching her.


"I'm sorry, I was stupid and didn't think that the ice would be snow-covered. But it shouldn't take us that long to clean it." Fior signaled that it was alright and she returned to her food with good appetite. "Fior, thank you for coming here with me", she said after a moment once her mouth was clean. "I really enjoy your company but it feels even nicer when it's just the two of us and we're off the Yards and even Tar Valon. There are always other people around there." She paused slightly as she reminisced the times she had been here and some of her best memories with Emma and the other children. "Do you ever miss your family?" The question might seem abrupt and like something that didn't relate to the previous topic but it did because the people of the orphanage had replaced for her own kin who she couldn't even remember.


Do I ever miss my family? He had to think about that one. It had been a hectic couple of years. He had been so focused on his training that he hadn't really had the time to miss anyone. But there were times when he managed to find a few moments to himself, where he missed people. He missed Jillia and Truin and even Fiy, though he saw her from time to time. He had never really been close with his father, but he was still among the faces that would crop up as Fior lay awake at night. Maxxer was there too, as were some of the other guards who had been like family. But more than any other, the face that he missed the most was his Mother, Lanei.


He saw that Sahra was looking at him curiously and realized it had been several minutes since she had asked her question. Smiling at her as he reached up to finger the medallion that was now covered by many layers of clothes he said simply, "Sometimes. But I know that they're proud of me and I just try to make sure that I live up to their faith in me."


He grew quiet for several more moments as he stared off into the distance and thought. It wasn't the first time he had gotten like this. Moments like this were rare, but when they happened it was like he was more aware of his surroundings. It was similar to slipping into the Flame and the Void, except, instead of everything being colder, more distant, things became more real. The air was crisper, the sunlight warmer. He could hear the soft stirring of mice in their burrows, hibernating for the winter. However, this time something was different. As the wind picked up he stood and, helping Sahra to her feet, looked out across the lake. He wasn't sure what, or even where, it was, but he could feel something out there. Something beyond the sun and the wind. Something beyond even the beautiful creature that stood at his side, and it comforted him to know it was there, waiting, beyond everything else. Turning to look into the green eyes that observed him with burning curiosity he smiled and, bopping her on the nose with a gloved hand, said, [colo=darkblue]"Come on Pouncer, let's get started."[/color] He smiled again as he moved behind her and pushed her gently towards the lake. Today was going to be a good day.


Fior seemed to be in his thoughts today so Sahra left him alone and enjoyed the bright day and fresh air. She did wish that he would tell him what he was pondering but it would have to wait for later as he grabbed her hand and pulled her up. She grinned and the red on her cheeks deepened a bit at Fior's nickname for her. In the beginning she had jumped on him on many occasions practicing her skills of soft stepping and testing his alertness... and because she had enjoyed it. They had become experts at grappling with each others after the many wake ups when she had sprung him with tickling intentions and it didn't even matter that she almost always lost and ended up being the one tormented by roaming fingers and helpless laughter. It resembled a bit the name Aran called her by, Groper, but there was never embarrasment involved with being the Pouncer. "You're the one who slacks, Fiora, not I", she retorted and dodged with a squeal the intended smack. "You hit like a woman too", she went on to say and that just couldn't be left without revenge: soon she was spluttering snow off her face.


They made a peace after that and set to whisk away the whiteness to reveal glittering ice. They uncovered a big ring that was wide enough for two to skate side a side. Though of course they would be competing and she intended to leave him behind in the snow dust. They helped each others to fasten the skates on their shoes and wobbled through the snow to the ice where they both needed a little time before the muscles remembered again how it was done. After a while they were sliding around gracefully and they felt confident enough to test which one of them was the king of the ice.


Sahra & Fior

Roomies and

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Fior stood back and looked at the area that they had cleared. Though almost half of the lake still lay buried in snow, they had managed to clear a section several dozen paces in diameter, and it had only taken them a few hours. There was still plenty of time for them to skate before heading back, though the sun was getting low in the sky. After getting used to the strange skates he began to test his body's memory. He started simple, skating forwards, turning, stopping. Once he was certain he remembered how to stay upright, he began to try more complex things. He tested himself skating backwards and tried a few simple spins. He continued warming up slowly, progressing until he was certain he could move smoothly across the ice. Alright, now for the fun he thought, skating backwards in front of where she was still attempting spins. He began circling her and winked at her as he said, "So, this the first time you've been skating? You look like a foal finding it's legs for the first time." Stooping as he passed the snow piled along the edge, he scooped up a snowball and chucked it at her. She batted it from the air calmly and grinned at him as she started moving towards him.


"I'm a speed skater, I don't worry about those fancy tricks!" and with that she launched herself into him, throwing him into the snow drift. Climbing back out he saw that she was now on the other side of the rink and raced to catch her.


They continued in this fashion for several hours, occasionally one of them would chuck a snowball at the other, and Fior delighted in taking her hand and turning sharply so that she had to cling to his arm to avoid falling. The sound of their laughter rang clearly across the vale as the twilight began to stretch across the land. Fior knew that if they wanted to minimize the risk of getting in trouble they would have to head back soon, but he wanted to have a little more fun with her first. Testing himself one final time to be certain he was up for it, he began skating towards Sahra who was circling the outer edge near the shore. He came at her from an angle so that she couldn't see him and, just before reaching her called out, "Now it's your turn!" and careened into her, bowling her into a large snow drift. Laughing as he skated several feet away, he waited for her to stand before taking off around the outer edge of the pond. She might be fast, but that meant that turning was harder for her, so he might be able to stay ahead this way. Or at least that's what he hoped.


He focused all his energy into staying ahead of her and refused to look behind him, as that would cost him vital speed. He was certain she was going to catch him when a sound that sent a cold touch of fear through him echoed through the cold dusk air.




Fior Canain

Trainee and roommate to Sahra Covenry

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They had had a great time skating on the smooth frozen surface of the pond and Sahra couldn't remember when she had last time laughed as much. She wished that the day would never even as the darkness began to slowly descend. But sun set earlier in the wintertime this north so they still had enough time until curfew. And enough time for a few more rounds, she decided intent on catching him and getting even as she burrowed out of the drift where Fior had sent her flying head first. She was speeding alongside the rim of the area still covered with snow when there was a sickening crunching sound and nothing solid under her feet anymore. The momentum made her strike her midrift painfully on the jagged edge of ice as she plummeted downward and she tried to gasp breath despite sinking into the icy cold and black water. Her heavy fur jacket and shoes were dragging her down even as she kicked and flailed wildly to break to the surface again. Despite the adrenaline burst caused by the shock of cold, her lungs were burning for air and black specks were dancing in her vision and she was beginning to truly panic.


A strong arm grabbed her hair and she felt like her scalp was coming loose as she was being lifted. And then she could breath again, thank the Light. The grip changed to a hold of the neck of her and Sahra realised that she should be helping too. The ice broke a bit more under her but Fior had wisely laid down so his weight was evenly spread and his part remained solid. It seemed to take forever before she laid spread-eagled on a safe part of the pond and Fior bent worriedly over her. She had never felt as cold in her whole life and her teeth chattered violently and she couldn't control her shivering. She was stiff as a log when he helped her up and half carried her to the blankets where he began to undress her hurriedly. It was easier said than done with her unable to help and he had to get the kitchen knife and cut off the buttons of her jacket. After that it went more smoothly and she curled into a naked ball on the blanket her skin tinging positively blue. Undoing his own outer garments Fior laid them on her and after a moment of hesitation removed the rest of his clothes too tossing them beside her. He lifted up the other blank and shook off the snow before lowering down beside her and pulling the blanket on top of them.


It was a surprise that he made no sound as her icy skin touched his but he merely went on and wrapped his limbs around her. He proceeded to run his hands over her rubbing firmly to strenghten the blood circulation. Sahra was almost overcome by lethargy but sense and warmth were returning slowly and painfully to her numb limbs with his touch. It was like her muscles were burning and being pricked by hundreds of small needles. She moaned and tried to push his hands away weakly but her arms felt heavy and he was quite determined. Her body still trembled a bit with cold and he was whispered that shivering was good. It was dark and timeless under the blankets and his body heat began to warm the temperature of the air and hers. Her head lolling from tiredness she looked for a better position to sleep and turned with effort curling against his chest and melting closely to him. She was vaguely aware that he was a man but it was Fior. She was safe and alive but very close to slumber. It would be bad, she knew but she couldn't recall why and she didn't have the energy to think.

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Even as he turned Fior knew what he would see, but that knowledge did nothing to stop the wave of utter panic that threatened to overwhelm him. The shock of seeing Sahra slam into the jagged ring of ice and slip, silently, into it’s depths sent a shiver down his spine that was completely unrelated to the cold. He knew he had only a matter of seconds before it would be too late to save her, but he was paralyzed, a silent battle raging in his mind. His care for Sahra struggled to overwhelm his fear. Focus all your emotions into a single flame, emptying your mind of thought. Cairma’s words echoed in his ears and, embracing the void, he leapt into action.


Landing on his belly he began to roll towards the hole in the ice, spreading his weight evenly as he had been taught by his father. As he reached the edge he offered a quick prayer to the Light that it wasn’t too late and, tearing his mittens off, thrust his arm into the freezing water. After a second or two of flailing around without finding anything he pulled out and, moving closer, thrust his arm into the dark pool up to his right ear. As he fumbled for Sahra he was more grateful for the detached state the void bestowed than he had ever been. The biting cold was little more than a tingle through the dark of the void so, when his hand finally brushed her scalp, he was still able to command his rigid fingers to close around the hair.


The few seconds between grasping her hair and pulling her out were the most excruciating in Fior’s young life. His muscles screamed as he coaxed every ounce of power from his well worked arm. He punched a hand hold in the ice to his left, leaving his knuckles bloody, but the pain registered only momentarily as he grasped the ice and, redoubling his efforts, managed to drag Sahra’s head above water. Changing his hold from her hair to her neck, he continued to pull her out of the water and across the ice to a stable point.


Kneeling worriedly over her, he checked her basic vitals as he told her in a voice that surprised him with it’s calm that everything would be all right. He wasn’t going to let anything happen. He knew he had to get her warm very quickly and there was really only one way to do that now. Helping her to her feet he supported her weight on his shoulder as he propelled the two of them across the ice.


Upon reaching the edge of the ice, Fior tore off his skates and lifted her in his arms. Sprinting to where they had left the blankets he set her down in the snow near the pack and began undressing her. I don’t have time for this, skimmed across the void as he fumbled with the buttons to her coat. Grabbing the kitchen knife they had used to open the wine bottle he proceeded to slice the buttons off and continued with the remainder of her clothes. Slicing through the damp layers of cloth he briefly wondered if she would be upset that he had destroyed her favorite coat. Then there were no clothes left and he lifted her onto the blanket.


Standing, he began to strip his own clothes off. He could feel the numbness settling into his right hand and embraced the void with renewed fervor, as he would need his hand for what was to come next. Tearing off his coat, sweater and thick breeches he blushed as he began to remove his thick woolen small clothes. He probably would have laughed at that had the situation not been so dire. But I can’t afford to have anything blocking my body heat.


From outside the void he realized that, to the casual observer, this would be quite the sight. A full grown man throwing off his clothes as if they were aflame in sub-freezing temperature while completely surrounded by large snow drifts. A laugh bounced off of the void as he removed his now soaked socks and grabbed the second blanket. Throwing it around his back he lay down behind Sahra and wrapped both of them in the large fur comforters.


He began rubbing her vigorously, the action returning warmth to his hand as well as her skin. After several moments she began to push his hands away muttering incomprehensibly and groaning in pain. “I know that it hurts, Mashiara. Just hold on a little longer. We need to get your blood flowing.” He whispered softly to her as he continued to rub her limbs, trying to work life back into her extremities. These moments were vital to her survival, and they stretched on in the darkness, seemingly unending. As her breath steadied and took on a normal rhythm he could feel the warmth returning to her skin. She struggled to turn inside of his arms and he saw her eyes close as she rested her head on his chest. Fearing for her, he shook her gently and got her to open her eyes.


“Stay with me Sahra. We have to keep your blood flowing, and if you fall asleep now you may not wake up. I don’t want to lose you.” He said, pulling her tightly to his chest.


He called her something, a word she had never heard before. It caught her attention and she was a bit more aware when he shook her. He spoke again and called her not to sleep. She had never heard him sound so worried and frightened. For her? It was truly sweet. She smiled against his chest and lifted her hand laboriously to pat his cheek. "You won't get rid of me that easily."


As he held her closer she felt... Light, Fior was most definitely a man and the startled realization flew her eyes wide open. For a moment she was confused and conflicted but then it felt like the most natural thing in the world and she knew why the situation seemed familiar. "I have dreamed of this, of you", she muttered and followed an urge pressing her lips on his. And he responded, oh Light he did. The kiss fired a throb on the pit of her belly and his arms wound tight around her. She had kissed before and she had felt passion but it was nothing when compared to this.


Fior blinked in surprise as she kissed him and found himself returning it as the void melted around him. Suddenly he was very aware that every inch of him was pressed against her. He felt himself blush as the passion of the kiss carried away all thoughts save one. He had only kissed one other woman and that had been under very different circumstances Though a lot of the same parts were involved. He laughed as that thought passed through his head, breaking the kiss, and rolled so that she was beneath him. “Are you su… mmh”


His laughter rang in her ears as he pinned her down under his weight. She closed her eyes as another stab of desire pierced her. For a moment Sana's face swam in her vision but she dismissed it. There was only Fior and she wanted him to be the one to go exploring with as she had never done this before. Silencing him with another kiss, he stopped asking stupid questions and gave in to what his body demanded.


Fior and Sahra

Blanket Buddies

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Sahra and Fior laid there in the dark catching their breath and holding each other. He slid out of her as he leaned on his hands avoiding to put his full weight on her. Not being able to see each other was somehow very comforting since she had no idea how he felt and what he thought of this all. He had been very eager at least, as much as her and she had enjoyed it even if it had hurt a bit first. She had no idea if this was how it was supposed to be like since she didn't really have any female friends and males just didn't talk of things the way she assumed girls might. "Fior..." She reached to kiss where she thought his cheek was. "Penny for your thoughts." She bit her lip uncertain about whether she should tell a bit of what she thought. "It was lovely to me and I hope that... well, you liked it too."


The feeling of her lips brushing his cheek brought him out of the daze that clouded his mind. Oh Light, she liked it. There was a twinge in her voice though… “Like it?” He asked with a chuckle. “It was amazing.” He leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips, lingering there for a moment to drink in her flavor before breaking the kiss.


“Truthfully I was worried that you would be… disappointed.” Remembering the quaver in her voice he suddenly became very self-conscious.


She laughed at him correcting her adjective. She agreed that it had been closer to amazing than merely lovely and she replied the kiss with zeal. She sighed when he pulled off. "No, no, I wasn't disappointed. But really, I don't have any previous experience as you might have noticed." She could feel the heat on her cheeks. Still, unless he had left something untold, he had been as novice to this as her. "Are you... no, what should we do now?"


Laughing, he let his worries slip away as she spoke. “Well, we’re certainly going to be late for curfew,” He said with a grimace. “and I had to cut you out of your clothes, so when we do start back, I’ll probably have to carry you in the blankets. For now though, I’m content here.” Kissing her forehead he added. “Besides, I’m fairly certain I could do better a second time.” He let a small laugh escape into the darkness as he leaned down and kissed her fiercely.


Light, they would be in so much trouble when they got back after curfew. And her clothes were ruined? That would be bad too and people would be guessing things. Her worries were beginning to disperse as her body responded to his renewed excitement. If they were going to be late and all caught up, then why not squeeze everything out this. Sahra guided his hands to touch her the ways she had found pleasurable as their shared passion swept them into the night.



Fior and Sahra

Blanket Buddies

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Fior pulled Sahra tightly to his chest as his body shuddered with passion for the second time that night. Turning onto his side rested his forehead on hers and smiled into the darkness. He couldn’t see her, but he knew that she was smiling back at him. Struggling to catch his breath he rubbed her nose with his and kissed her lightly on the lips, luxuriating in the scent of her, of them. Moving his lips to her ear he panted softly, “How was that, my sweet Sahra?”


This time had been different than the first one. It had been pleasurable and she had felt good but the second time they had taken more time with caresses and his hand between her thighs had set her ablaze. It had been more ardent and more out of control and pleasure had exploded inside her. It was hard to come back to your senses after that even as she felt Fior spend himself. Her body had never been this relaxed but still alive and she couldn't help the smile on her face even if he couldn't see it. She closed her eyes when he touched her face and kissed her. She arched her back as he touched her sensitive ear lobe and sighed contently.


"Amazing, Fior", she breathed. "I didn't know that I could feel like that." She wanted to just curl up with him forever and never leave, but despite the lassitude, her rational mind was starting to work. She thought of her clothes and how they were like a bit frozen by now. If they had been wise, they would have taken the clothes in before their second reunion. Now they would have to wait for a little more and maybe... she blushed. No, they couldn't, not anymore. And she was definitely starting to feel the soreness now when the throbbing inside her had subsided.


She sighed again and this time forlornly. She didn't want to speak and be the one to break the magic of the moment but she had to. "We have to go soon", she whispered still a bit windless. "But first we need to warm my clothes a bit as I need to wear them." She snuggled closer against him and nuzzled his neck. "As sweet as your offer of carrying me was, it is not very practical." Using her teeth, she nipped his skin as she moved her mouth upward to his ear. "Please move that pretty butt and get them for me. It is cold outside."


His smile broadened as the words echoed in his ears. Amazing, Fior. I didn’t know that I could feel like that. He was glad that she had enjoyed it as much as he had; possibly more so. And he was happy that he had brought as much pleasure to her as he had. He had enjoyed hearing her cries of pleasure as he had worked within her. He didn’t know pleasing another person could be so… gratifying.


Her distant sigh drew a furrow across his brow as his thoughts dissolved around him. We have to go soon. Light, he had forgotten the time. Late for curfew or not, they needed to be back before sunrise, and they still had a several hour walk before them. He was reluctant to let her go, and even more reluctant to step out into the cold, but her words rang sensibly in his ears. He laughed as she nipped his skin and kissed her softly on the forehead before replying. “Your wish is my command, my dear.”


Throwing up his end of the blanket, he scurried out into the frigid air and cursed as he began shaking with the shock of the sudden change. Struggling to pull on the void, he bounced from foot to foot as he made his way to the clothes. I could have sworn I left them closer to the blankets than that. A last thought escaped as the cold faded and the odd comfort of the void settled around Fior like a blanket. The shivering mostly gone, he was able to collect her clothes and, as an afterthought, his without too much difficulty and turned to make his way back to the bundle of blankets. Reaching down to lift an end, he felt a half-hearted tug from inside as Sahra’s voice echoed out, “No, it’s too cold.”


Not bothering to set the clothes down, Fior slipped inside the warm darkness of the blankets and pulled them tight again. Placing the clothes at his back, he settled back down into Sahra’s arms with sigh. Pulling her tightly to him, despite her weak complaints that he was too cold, he nuzzled into her neck, placing a few soft kisses there. “I don’t ever want to be gone from you for that long again.” He said with a laugh, releasing the void. “It is far too cold out there.”


Sucking her breath when he lifted the blanket and let in the cold air, Sahra pulled Fior's jacket on top of her. It was warm from exposure to their combined body heat and she curled under it letting it cover her entirely. Fior didn't dally outside unnecessarily and when he slipped back inside, he was cold enough that she yelped when he pressed against her. Regardless she brushed her hair aside so that he could kiss her easier. It was quite lovely thing what he said even if the end spoiled it by implying it was just because of the cold. "It will take a bit before we'll be able to leave. How shall we be spending the remaining time, mhh?" She asked kissing him lightly.


He couldn’t help but chuckle as she kissed him again. “It wouldn’t seem like we have a whole lot of options. We could always try to invent some game, but if we don’t want to risk falling asleep, I suppose we have no choice.” He said with mock severity, punctuating his words with light kisses on her face and deeper ones on her neck. Rolling back on top of her, he continued exploring her neck and laughed as she nipped at his ear again. Pulling his head back for a moment he asked simply, “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather get some rest? You have had a long day.”


Rather than respond she dug her fingernails into his shoulder blades and pulled him down to kiss her. Biting his lower lip softly she muttered, “Since we'll be punished for this, I will be enjoying every moment we have left." A soft smile spread over Fior’s lips as his hands began tracing pathways that were slowly becoming familiar to him. Biting her shoulder softly, he let his desire take over for the third time that night.

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Sweaty, languorous and utterly satisfied Sahra snuggled against Fior's chest and had to fight to keep her eyes open. Her body knew that the curfew was past and it was a bed time. She prayed that the Mistress of the Trainees would not do a round in the rooms tonight or they would be in even bigger trouble than if their mentors caught them. And they would since the Guards at the gates would notify them. They recognised trainees who were late. There was always also the chance that Cairma or Sana had decided to come talk with their mentee and noticed them both gone and not returned.


With a groan she lifted her head. "Fior, we have to get dressed and leave now." She didn't want to. She would have to face Sana and he would know what she and Fior had done and she didn't know how she felt about that. He had turned down her offer to be something else until she also wore the cloak and even if she couldn't truly regret this, it was so very confusing. Did Sana still have some feelings for her? And did she have feelings for him? At least there was something between her and Fior now, overwhelming passion and she had no idea where that would lead.


She reached behind his back to get the clothes piled there and wrinkled her nose. Even if they were warm, they were wet from melting ice. With regret she parted the blankets to let in some faint moonlight and cold. She was acting a bit more hastier than usual but the realities of the situation were dawning to her. She managed to figure out which of the long sleeved and legged winter underwear was his and which was hers and she handed Fior his clothes before beginning to pull on her things still under the blankets.


Maybe sensing something Fior laid a hand on her arm and asked if everything was alright. She kissed him in response and assured him that she was just worried of the reception and the punishment. There was nothing he could really say to that but he did try to convince her that everything would work out and they embraced for a moment. If Cairma and Sana would be really cruel, the two of them would be put into separate rooms. It would be hard on her if she could see Fior only on lunch breaks and the little free time they had. But there was no need to think that now and Sahra focused on present and getting dressed up. Her underwear and boots were thankfully whole but they felt unpleasent on her skin as they were moist. Fior had sliced her shirt and woollen sweater and the strand of her pants but they would all still stay on her. She was more worried about her jacket which couldn't be buttoned. She would likely have to wrap the blanket that had been on top of them to her shoulders.


They didn't speak much but they had donned their garments save for jackets at about the same time. Emerging from under the covering, Sahra shivered as the winter air made it's way to the skin of her upper body. She pulled the jacket closer and Fior helped the blanket on her shoulders before wrapping his arms around her. It helped a bit and eased her racing thoughts and she kissed him thankfully. He couldn't really understand why she was so agitated since she hadn't told him about Sana and what had happened between them before she had become a Trainee and how she still thought of him. Light, why did things have to be so difficult? They decided to leave behind the wine bottle, knife and the other blanket that had been under them which was almost dripping with melted snow.


Sahra slipped her damp mitten on his as they began to trudge back toward the city through the snow. She very much hoped that everything would work out and that she could organise her thoughts before meeting Sana again. Replaying through the scenes of her and Fior's love making definately was a pleasent distraction but she needed to be calm and not aroused and blushing. Snow, think snow and plummeting through ice. Cold water... Fior warming her... no, snow. Dancing with Sana and kissing him. Sigh.

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He could tell that there was something bothering Sahra but, despite her assurances that she was merely worried about their punishment, he couldn't help but think that there was something deeper troubling her. Still, he let it drop. If she wanted me to know, she would tell me. Taking her hand he set his mind on the long trek back and what would inevitably await them at the end.




It was several hours before they made it back, two very cold, very soggy trainees holding each other up for warmth. As they made their way through the city and up to the tower gates, Fior grimaced, knowing what was to come next. The two tower guards standing watch at the West gate raised questioning eyebrows as the two bedraggled lovers reached them. Looks of recognition flashed across the guards faces as the one on the left stepped back into the gatehouse, and the other gave a mischevious smile.


Fior Canain

Very, very cold.

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He stood, watching the walls, his mind a haze as he tried to keep his focus. It wasn't bad enough that he had the graveyard shift on the wall tonight. No. Nor that he had planned on trying to talk to Sahra tonight about her training and how she felt it was coming and she hadn't been in her room. He thought maybe she was feeling a little homesick so he checked the Inn where he had met her and she wasn't there. Or in any other Inn that he had known her to frequent. Not that he kept tabs on her or anything. Just being a good mentor and all that.


He didn't know what to think about Sahra. Still. How long had she been his trainee and he still found himself watching her at times in ways that we're exactly mentor-like. Light, the woman was frustrating at times and others she made him laugh like a mad-man. She was determined though and she applied the same grace to sword play as she did dancing.


Guards laughing brought his attention back to the Wall and as he looked down he saw the last thing he had expected to. Sahra and Fior, well past curfew and in a state of disrepair that was obvious. He wasn't sure what had happened. Light, if that boy had hurt her!


He wasn't the type to leave his post so he went to the man in charge and explained that his trainee needed attention and he was told they'd find someone to cover him, but he'd have to do double duty that week to make up for it. Cursing the fool woman for the trouble she was getting into and the trouble she was causing him.


His step moved quicker as she got off the Wall and he was practically running by the time he made it to the barracks. He took a deep breath as he tried to calm himself down. The last thing she needed if she had been hurt was to have him come charging in. He didn't bother to knock though. He swung the door open to find Sahra sliding the blankets down from her shoulders to reveal....


"What happaned to you Sahra?" He asked, his eyes taking in the appearance of both of them. His fists we're balled up, but he couldn't help but notice that Sahra's clothes were cut up and the boys weren't. Or that Sahra seemed weak when he seemed to be stronger.


Ursana Tahn Sakhr... ya... protective like that...

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To their surprise the Guards at the gate let them go without calling anyone but she had no illusions that their mentors would not be informed. Sahra was quite exhausted but she was stubborn enough to not accept support from Fior, not in the Yards where someone might see despite the late hour. She could walk on her own two feet. But at least they wouldn't have to meet Cairma and Sana tonight. Especially Sana. Light, what would she say to him.


Finally they were at the safety of their room and Sahra prepared to remove her clothes and get washed. She had only just slid the blanket off when the door opened and revealed her mentor who didn't look the least bit pleased. He eyed them both and red spots of shame and confusion bloomed on her cheeks. She knew that he would notice her cut clothes and they were practically reeking of love making. She was certain that what they had done was written on their faces and readable to the whole world.


She just stared at him helplessly for a moment but managed to gather some resolve to answer him. She only needed to tell him about the accident and if he had questions... he wouldn't ask them in front of Fior she hoped. "I'm alright, Sana. But I broke the rules again. The curfew and... I left the city. I was... we went skating to a lake nearby and the ice broke under me. Fior got me up and had to cut me from my clothes and it took a while to get me warm enough that we could return." She very much hoped that he wouldn't pick up the redness intensifying on her face. Bloody burning light skin that betrayed her and showed her emotions.


She grinned faintly. "Without the accident we would have been back in time and no one would have known. Just like you've always taught." She was starting to feel slightly more in control of the situation so she pressed the back of her hand dramatically on her forehead. "Le sigh. Alas, we are caught red handed." What would Sana do? Please please don't let him realise what really happened and explode.

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The sound of the door being opened swung Fior around as he was removing his coat. He started to reach for Fang but, upon seeing it was Sana, thought better of it. Instead he picked up the wash basin on the chest of drawers and prayed that Sana hadn't thought he meant to attack him. Tossing the bowl onto his bed, he examined the man more closely.


Sana's fists were clenched tightly and his body shook with what appeared to be rage. For a moment Fior wondered at that, but then the scene began to sink in and Fior realized how this had to look to Sahra's mentor. Oh blood and bloody ashes! The man thinks I've heart her! Fior's eyes flashed a dangerous shade of emerald as that thought began to settle.


He could feel the heat rise in his face and his hands balled involuntarily. He no longer cared whether Sahra's mentor had seen him reach for Fang. Light, I hope he did. Let him come. Grinding his teeth together he realized that the man would probably leave him on the ground with little effort were they to come to blows, but Fior didn't care....


Then Sahra started to speak, and the heat drained from his face. He realized that Sana was just worried about his mentee, and struggled to unclench his fists. As she told their story he was suddenly overcome with shame. He should have protected her better. He couldn't help but blame himself for what everything. As the reality of what had nearly happened that night began to sink in, Fior felt his knees begin to give way and he suddenly felt very light headed.


Steadying himself with a hand on the dresser, Fior looked from Sahra to Sana and back. He kept his eyes on her delicate face as though afraid she would disappear if he looked away for too long, but that didn't stop him from following her when she stopped speaking.


"It's all my fault really. I should have insisted we head back earlier. Hell, I'm the heavier one... I should have been the one to..." he trailed off, leaving the thought unfinished. Forcing his eyes onto Sana he cleared his throat before continuing. "Anyway, Sir, she's been through enough. If anyone should be punished, it should be me." Locking his eyes onto Sana's, he made certain he wasn't the first to break the gaze.


Fior Canain


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He had no idea what to say to the two of them. He was angry. Unreasonably angry. It wasn't about breaking curfew. He'd done it more than once himself and he'd never really understood it anyway. So you stayed out late and paid for it the next day. That was life. It was part and parcel of it all. There was just something not right about everything he was seeing.


He might not be the fastest mind, but he was intuitaive about things and once he got himself on a track, he followed it. So what wasn't right? The blush from Sahra. The anger in the boy. Slipped through the ice and had to cut her clothes off? A memory flashed in his mind, her words haunting from another time and place "Are you sure that you couldn't think of anything better than dancing to keep your blood warm in a cold night?"


He unclenched his fists and felt them ball up again against his will. He looked away for a second, trying to control the emtotions that threatened to overwhelm him for a moment. They were trainess and he had to be the level head. Had to think straight.


"So, it took a while to warm up did it?" He asked, looking at Sahra and ignoring the other trainee. Trying to ignore the little twist in his heart that he knew was from the thought of her with someone, anyone else. "Perhaps dancing just might keep you warmer on cold nights after all.."


Ursana Tahn Sakhr

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Watching Sana's reaction, Sahra knew that he knew. She blanched and had to look away. But she was no coward so with a swallow she faced him again. He cared after all but even that knowledge could not make her happy at the moment. She was ashamed that she had done something with anyone but him with having thought him so much, but still she could not regret. It had been beautiful and she had to consider Fior too now. She had to find some way how she would avoid hurting them both.


"I am sorry, Sana", she said quietly. She wanted to reach for him and hold him but he would reject her and if he didn't - which she was hoping for - poor Fior didn't have to see that. "But you and I did not give each others any other promises except to see how things stand between us in two years when I am a Tower Guard. And you have not been a monk either. You have been discreet and thank you for that, but I knew still. The Tower Guards gossip as bad as old wives. And you know that you could have had me but you wouldn't. And now... I don't know. I care about you but I also care about Fior." She laughed bitterly. "I guess that you and I both take after Aran."


"It might be best if we sleep on this and talk more tomorrow."

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Guest Arie Ronshor

(Ooc! I LOVE YOU BOTH FOR LETTING ME POST!! Pm me or start a new thread for the discussions. :) )



Free days had always been just anouther day to her. And unlike the Trainees that had found themselves enjoying the freshly fallen snow that morning, Cairma instead took the luxury and slept in. Her door locked and safe behind the walls of the Barracks, she found the day delightfully lazy and on good cheer. The colder weather was not un heard of, but on a free day more welcome then a day running around on the tracks while attempting to keep their footing on the unfamiliar grounds. She had seen Fior and Sahra leave together, and Cairma thought nothing on it. Roomates the two were becoming good friends, and even Cairma would admit, it did Fior much good. She saw how much he missed is sister that was stuck in the Tower. Novices were not allowed anywhere near the Barracks, so it was no suprise that Fior would miss her.


The day flowed on in good humour with a few games of daggers in the Common Room with a few of the other Tower Guards that also had lucked out on with a free day. Warm mead or ale helped the day pass. And uncharacteristicly, Cairma went back to her room for a late afternoon nap. But it was only because she had very earily plans for Fior and it was best to catch up on sleeps when you can as the day could never predict the next and at times sleep was in short order. Not that she needed 'that' much sleep, but even a Ren'Shai could grow tired. Closing her eyes, She drifted.



But the hour changed, and She felt restless as her eyes woke. Something wasn't right. Call it a woman's intuition, or a hunch, but something didn't feel right. In her dream someone screamed without a voice. Throwing back her sheets she dressed quickly and swung Beast that was always by her bedside around her shoulders and headed right into the Barracks and to the rooms of her charges. All were easily found and gave her an odd look as she checked in on them. Approaching Fior and Sahra's room, it was unsettlingly vacant. Walking through the yard, she could not find them either. It was not yet cerfew, although barely an hour away. Unsettled, she pushed it away and strolled through the yards, waiting. They were good kids, and with the two of them together, both fairly good at staying out of trouble it was hardly likely that they got into too much trouble. Sahra knew Tar Valon like the back of her hand, or so Cairma knew of according to Fior' praise. The feeling past. They must be okay.


Until the hours past cerfew had Cairma waiting, strolling, nearly pacing in the Yard. A Guard from the wall just off duty was the first to alert her of thier return. Changing directions, she found herself walking into the most unsettling conversations. One that she had not, in any way, saw coming.


"Stand down, Ursana." her voice cold. Cairma stood in the door way with her arms folded across her chest and her face unreadable. She had far more seniority on Sana, and only having known him from a couple of encounters through Aran, she knew the boy was far too attached in this situation. She was, after all, a woman that knew about that sort of thing.


Her eyes flickered to Sahra, the girl had been last to speak, "I think that is enough suggestions out of you for the night, Trainee Sahra. You have caused enough damage for the night. Due to the personal attachment of this situation," Her eyes flickered to Sana's face, angry and hurt hid behind his eyes as she could see his control being breeched. "You and I can have a small chat in the morning. No weapons nessicary." She waited for a nod. "You may go. There is a unused room down the hallway that you may use for the time being. Fior and I need to have a little chat in private." She waited for the girl to leave, not letting Sana have a word in, her eyes warning. Cairma got enough of the conversation to know that Sana would not be able to be unemotionally attached for arguement sake. She did not want to compromise the boys position, but given the case and his reaction to her words, she knew better. Light, did Cairma ever know better!


" 'Sana." She looked to him carefully, and even now ignored the extremely nervous Fior. "A word tomorrow? I suspect we can leave Ginae out of this. I don't need her hounding me for details any more than I would wish to share them." She left out Aran in all this. Although the boys mentor, Sana was a Tower Guard and needed to learn how to act as a Tower Guard. Obviously Aran was a poor choice to teach him this. "Go walk it off." She put a hand on her shoulder in a meaningful way, sympathetic. She knew his place and been there many times. Getting a nod she watched him walk off as well with only a few words.


Finally, "Fior." She did not look at him, and barely regarded his existance. Cairma was far from pleased, but she felt no need to tear him apart with words. The boys own guilt will sufice more than anything she could say to him. Making him feel worse would not be her plan, but how to teach him..


"Make your explination quick and to the point."




Cairma Vishnu

Unexpected Voice of Reason

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