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Large WoT Posters or Wall Murals


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I recently bought a new house and I'm looking for some large wall posters or murals and naturally the first thing that came to my mind is, they have to from The Wheel of Time.


I'm having a hell of a time trying to find online stores that carry anything Wheel of Time based, much less large wall posters or Murals. Does anyone here know where I could get my hands on some?


I'd love a poster of The Battle of Dumai's Wells, but would settle for anything WoT based, and I live in Canada.

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from my understanding, wall murals are produced on the wall by some artist; usually in paint.


posters; at times physical stores sell them.

or you might be allowed to print some Wheel of Time picture/pictures; for no more cost than the printer and paper and binding.  Since TOR released the pictures of the Wheel of Time covers on their site for free some time ago.



murals I guess would generally be more expensive than posters.

physical stores; some have web sites, and some of those sites offer pick-up as an option for shipping.  Shipping is generally free in the case of pick-up.

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