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Ice Knight's Frozen Treats


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It has come at last! I will show today's menu (every day has different things) A weekly flavor will be up as well. Ice Cream costs the certain number of dice (My Shop Originated in the Band of the Red Hand) and you have to answer a question. To pay with the dice, show as many die as it is to buy the product. Order first with the dice, and I will ask you the question. Anything you don't understand, PM me.

You can buy more than 1 flavor at a time


This Week's Flavor: Mango Raspberry Lemon:  5 dice



Today's 10 Flavors:


Avocado: 5 Dice

Ice Cream Sandwich: 3 dice

Popsicle: 1 die

Gold Ice Cream: 100 Dice

Plain Tart: 1 Die

Strawberry: 2 Dice

Blueberry Ice Cream: 2 Dice

Hot Fudge Sundae: 6 Dice

Root Beer Float:  5 Dice

Sherbert: 3 Dice



Basic Toppings: 1 die each


Chocolate Chips

White Chocolate Chips

Mint Chips

Chocolate Sauce

Hot Fudge



Exotic Toppings: 6 dice each


Dark Hound Spit

Trolloc Hair

Sliced Jumara

Draghkar Wing


Extras: 5 Dice each

Make it tainted

Channeling Ice Cream(You will Disappear when eating it)

Flaming Ice Cream

Ice Cream With a hat on it


Add Bananas for 20 Dice each


More Toppings and Extras coming soon!

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