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Becoming a Tower Guard (Rosheen & Christine)


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Talyn waited patiently in his room for this day to come. Rosheen and Christine had both agreed to help him acheive the rank of Tower Guard. Talyn was nervous, and if his roommates were present he'd probably be talking their ears off. But they were busy doing their own training, he wasn't close with them anyway.


It would be a wonderous day he was sure of it, but he had to get there first. Talyn had been told what he needed to do by the Commander of the Guard. It was a simple ceremony and he was ready to under go it. Talyn was told to go to a stone slap in the middle of the Grove of Rememberance. The grove was surrounded by strong oaks and conifer trees. And at midday the light would surround the dias and the folks around it. He wasn't sure he knew exactly where he was going, but he knew he'd find it from the description.


Midday approached and Talyn began his long way to Tower Guard hood.


OOC: Below is the cermony link.




Post your arrivals and anticiaptions etc to the cermony, Talyn will arrive after the both of you. I will do one post for the entire dialog of the cermony, and then they can walk out of the glad and talk. I need five posts for this... so there will be four up to the cermony and one of you to talk with Talyn afterwards. I will then forward the RP to TV board for a party hehe, which you are both invited to.



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ooc: crap, i need to read the OOC next time before i post... i wrote the ENTIRE thing, even the dialog, then i read this... LOL, so much for me and smarts... so, just tell me if i mess up on this.



Christine stood before her mirror, fixing her hair. She wanted to look perfect for Talyn’s ceremony. After all, he only became a Tower Guard once. She wore her best dress, one of Green Silk on the skirts, and white silk on the bodice and sleeves. Gold thread laced it up, and she wore her hair up, pinned by a Emerald and Gold pin. She situated her Green Shawl over her shoulders, then nodded, approving her look.


She was nervous for him, just as she had been nervous for her own raising. She had been frightened of messing up, or of failing. Thankfully for him, the hard part was over. All that was left was the simple ceremony, with her, a Tower Guard, and the Commander. She left the tower, heading to the grove. She ran into the commander and Rosheen, the Tower Guard. They would head there together. They arrived and stood, waiting.


While she had not known Talyn for long, she was still very proud of him for getting raised, and even more, she was honored to be there. After all, she had not been in her shawl for long, and yet here she was, not only representing the White Tower, but even more so representing her ajah… of course, Sirayn would more than likely say that she was only there for the men, but Christine liked the experience she would gain from being at the ceremony.


It was a beautiful day, and they all stood in a small glade. The sun up above was blocked by the trees, and a stone slab stood in the middle. The Commander was behind it, awaiting for the Trainee, now Tower Guard, to approach. Rosheen, a Tower Guard, stood on the left side, while Christine stood on the right, representing all Aes Sedai. They waited there, for the Trainee had to come.

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With a sigh Rosheen finished buttoning her coat, and wrapped the red cloak around her shoulders. Time had always seemed a little on the fast side, and with her mentee ready to become a Tower Guard, it was proved once again that Rosheen was getting old. Well, not old, but just… older. She still remembered her own ceremony as though it was yesterday, and yet quite a few years had passed since. She had seen Corin and Orion promoted after her, and it had made her realise that she was already on her way to become a blade master herself. Time flew, and yet at times Rosheen wished there was some way she could slow it, if only to enjoy the moment more.


Picking up the ceremonial dagger that she would hand to Talyn when he had sworn his oaths she smiled faintly. Talyn would do just fine. He was such a soft-spoken man that at times people almost instantly discarded him as being of little interest to them. Yet he had proven time and time again that he was a worthy asset to the Tower. He would surely be an asset to it’s Guard.


When Rosheen arrived at the glade she noticed that the Commander of the guard was already there. She inclined her head. “Krelsa, peace favour your sword.†She muttered. Soon after they were joined by an Aes Sedai Rosheen had seen around the yards before. If she was not mistaken this ‘young’ Green sister had been trained by Aran at some point. She smiled faintly. That must have been an amusing sight, to see Aran interact with any Aes Sedai. Soon enough Rosheen returned her attention back to the task at hand. Talyn was approaching, ready to take his oaths.

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Talyn walked the distance to the sacred grouns where the ceremony would take place. Rosheen and Christine stood on either side of the Commander of the guard. He knew his lines and hoped that all would go well in this.


It would be an intersting day. Talyn approached and the cermony began. "I come here unarmed, offering to give myself to the defence of those who serve all."


Kresla spoke loud and clear for all present to hear. "Who would speak for you?" Talyn got neverous and he hoped that Rosheen would speak up. He knew she would, but the risk was still there.


Rosheen spoke and Talyn let out a the breathe he'd been holding. "I would speak for him, he is fit."


"Who would trust you?" Talyn tried hard not to let his knees knock. Surely Christine Sedai would trust him. But why should she, he was a friend of the dark. Talyn muttered a small pray of hope to the Great Lord.


Christine's voice sounded and Talyn nearly fell over. "I would trust him."


"Who would accept you?" Talyn hoped this part would be over soon. Ceremonies were beginning to make him nervous, particularly with so many light fools present.


"I would."


"Who would witness your oath whose word is beyond question?" Only a few more to go, thought Talyn.


"I will"


"Do you understand that once pledged you are forever bound to a rule of defence? Defence of all Aes Sedai, the defence of the White Tower?"


Finally it was Talyn's turn, he knew that his oaths would be a lie, but they didn't know this. His only true oath was to the Great Lord. "Yes."


"Do you understand that once pledged you are forever bound to a rule of obedience? Obedience to your officers, obedience to all Aes Sedai?"


Talyn nodded his accent. "Yes." Talyn began to wonder about how a Warder could break these oaths so lightly.


"Do you understand that once pledged you are forever bound to a rule of commitment? Commitment to serving faithfully, commitment despite any adversity?"




"Then give your oath now." It was finally time for Talyn's false oath to protect light fools for the rest of his life. The irony was not lost on Talyn.


"I swear by the light and my hope of salvation and rebirth, as a Tower Guard to defend the White Tower and all who call it home."


"I swear by the light and my hope of salvation and rebirth, as a Tower Guard to serve faithfully for as long as the White Tower requires me."


"I swear by the light and my hope of salvation and rebirth, as a Tower Guard to fight the shadow and uphold the light until my dying day."


"We welcome you to the Tower Guard, you that were known once as Tayln Rashad of Cairhein." Christine came forward and placed the red cloak of the Tower Guard around Talyn and fixed the clasp. She offered a friendly smile and he returned it with one of his own. Sweat ran down his forhead, being unable to talk Talyn's nerves were running down his forhead.


"We welcome you as Talyn Rashad of the Tower Guard, our brother in arms. Rise and stand as one among many." Roseheen walked forward and held the long ceremonial dagger on the palms of her hands and extended them towards Talyn. He nodded and took the dagger and smiled at his mentor, who would soon be his equal.


"You came to us unarmed, and as our mark of trust we place this steel in your hand. May you keep it as a symbol of the trust that has been placed in you, and may it serve you well."


Kresla walked around the stone slab to the right and placed his left hand on Talyn's left shoulder and took a step closer speaking. "Spare a moment for those who have come before you and to who you have become, as shall those who follow you."


Kresla, Rosheen and Christine Sedai all left and Talyn stood before the alter to pounder his new position. Talyn fell to his knees in relief, it was over, and the lies were said. Time to reflect on his position and his new duties.


Time passed and Talyn left the glen and found Christine and Rosheen standing waiting near the entrance to the barracks. They stopped their conversation and smiled at Talyn. Talyn smiled at the women and bowed dutifuly to the Aes Sedai. "I want a drink." Talyn spoke loudly so all in the yard could hear. "And everyone is invited."



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