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Welcome to the Red Ajah Autumn Festival!

Moon Sedai

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That's Right! 

Autumn is here, and the Red Ajah Annual Autumn Festival has begun. 


This year, we've gone with a theme: Music!
Have you made a fabulous music-themed siggy or want to see what has been made? Check out the Siggy Contest! 


Do you love dancing? What music do you like to dance to? Is there a song that you just cant help but dancing to? Discuss it at the Dancing Music thread!


The music played in Wheel of Time is generally folk music. How do you define Folk Music?  


In the games section, we also have the fantastic Corrupt a song game! 


What about favorite Musicians/Bands


Do you have poetic style, or just think you do? Join us in Writing a Song!

This thread will be updated with all the new threads throughout the week! 

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