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Question about Tar Valon


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Hello, finally finished last book and am ready to start posting on this forum. (Noted no spoilers on this particular part of forum).


I have a question about Tar Valon. I've struggled with my imagining of the white tower since it's first mention. I often will have trouble within fantasy genre, picturing battles, castles, cities, forts, towers. And I will often look them up for pictures to get a general idea of what they are talking about.


However I have struggled to picture Tar Valon so much! I was wondering if anyone would be able to describe exactly it looks like. I hear white tower and think of something along the lines of the Orthanc (Tower of Isenguard) from the movies interoperation... just white. But it doesn't work. They mention being on high floors and being outside (not just on balconies), they mention east tower/west tower etc. I get very confused with the whole idea. I have found Jordan's portrayal of battles using incredibly high numbers of soldiers a little off but I could still picture it. Tar valon has been so hard for me to see. Anybody able to help me with that?

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