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Just an Idea, Tell me what you think!


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I noticed how there are many diverse social groups here in DM. All with their unique names and topics linked to the book series in some ways.

But why isn't there a group called 'The Women's circle'? xD


I think it'd be hilarious, and we (meaning they) can have a forum to themselves talking about shoes, dresses and errrr.... makeup? I don't know, "That's women circle business"


I just think someone should make a group called the women circle. Basically throw down your thoughts and opinions about the idea.What should they talk about? What will be the group's structure, etc.etc...


Voice your opinion on this matter!
Either 'Aye' or 'nay' or even ' you're an insensitive, sexist prick! I should box your ears!' I really don't mind.

It is the internet after all, and I'll probably have 2000 miles of water between myself anyone that wants to murder me for this.

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well then, I guess the women circle will not be coming to DM. *Sniff*


I'll just pack away all the witty comments I've been saving up for the past year. It could've been the most entertaining thing since the invention of television.

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